2 comments on “Jailbird: Does the Price Fit the Device?

  1. I have to agree with you. My JB has been in more or less constant use for more than three years, and it’s still looks like it’s brand new.

    The other high value consideration is comfort. If you’re going to wear a device a lot, it’s a huge deal. My previous experience was with the CB6Ks, and honestly, there is no comparison. I wear the JB, barely noticing its presence for five or six days without a break, I was never able to do that with the 6Ks, not to mention all the time spent unlocked, allowing those damned moisture induced rashes to clear up…

    Having said that, I’m still of the opinion that, due to its adaptability, the CB-X line is still a great place to start.


    • Thank you for your comment, Harry! You made a great point about the comfort issue, one that I was reluctant to bring up mainly because I haven’t had the chance to wear a lower priced device for more than five minutes. 🙂

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