9 comments on “Jail Bird vs. Jail Bird

  1. If I can ask, is the double base ring more comfortable than the single ring?

    I love my jail bird but get some serious irritation from the base ring and I’m wondering if having a double ring would provide a bit more comfort as the double ring should in theory mean it moves less or spreads the weight over a bigger area – and hopefully less irritation!

    • Thank you for your comment.
      Actually cagedmonkey is going to write a post comparing the wear of the devices very soon. This will include his opinion of the double base ring. πŸ™‚

  2. Sizing sounds about right for me. Would MM still make adjustments for me even though I am not the original purchaser?

    And finally, what would be the cost?
    Thank you,


  3. Nice job on your web site. I love the pictures of the MM. Your husband is a star cock cage model now. His cage is an inspiration for all chastity enthusiasts and he has helped me know what a good fit actually looks like. My husband and I recently moved from a CB6000s to a metal cage found on ebay. We started with a CB6000. The MM cage seems to be the ultimate and eventually he will be locked in one. Its so interesting how the boys need to get smaller and smaller cages. Did you move from NYS? We are near Buffalo and I thought of contacting you some time ago.


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