4 comments on “I’ve Got Big Balls!

  1. Great experience! My balls also grow bigger when I am not released for more than 10-15 days and then they hold me cage even more tight-fit. Gradually I have started liking this! I think my brain accepted chastity wholeheartedly. I enjoy it!!

  2. Mine seem to vary, day by day, when I’m denied… I’m pretty sure that the cage and ambient temperature have a lot to do with them getting bigger. Even though they feel like they fill up when you aren’t allowed to come, your balls don’t store any ejaculate, but only produce sperm and testosterone. Sperm makes up only a very small part of a typical ejaculation. The bulk of the fluids in your cum originates in the seminal vesicles and prostate. I don’t know much about the seminal vesicles, but I do know that the prostate is self regulating, in that once it’s full of prostatic fluid, it drains any excess, either into the urine when we pee, or releases it in an event like a wet dream. After a few weeks of denial with no ruined orgasms, I notice that I piss out a big slug of whitish fluid when I try to drain my bladder completely.

    • Well cagedmonkey sure isn’t doing anything with his cut off seminal vessels lol

      I know that he isn’t really storing up anything but that they just FEEL swollen from the “blue balls” and in sure there is a little pressure from the prostate… they definitely feel fuller/swollen when he’s like this and fill up his sack but there is nothing in there causing it, medically speaking! 🙂

      He’ll survive no matter how long I keep him denied hehe

      • I agree… They do “feel” fuller, but I think it’s because 1) we’re thinking about them all the time, and 2) we imagine all that cum (even tho’ it’s not there) backing up and backing up until they’re swollen and aching to be drained

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