2 comments on “I’ve Got an Ass Obsession Today

  1. I have fantasized about my Queen taking me with a strapon for years. We bought a Feeldoe (with her permission) but she is gun-shy about using it. I bring it up every now and then and she says something like “we’ll try that soon” but I don’t think she really means it. I think she can’t get past the “gay” aspect of it. I have no desire to be taken by a real penis :S

    What turns me on about this specifically and in other play we have done is the role reversal. The thought of her grabbing my hips and being forceful with me turns me on to no end. Very much like the idea that SHE does ME.

    We’ve had some anal play before (on me, she is not open to it) and I can’t say that it is a wildly arousing physical sensation, but I very much do like the psychological aspect of it.

    • It took a little while for My Lady to understand that pegging is different from anal sex, at least in my opinion. For me, the thing that gets me the most is the role reversal that you mentioned – ML is taking the traditional power role (normally seen as “masculine”) by taking ME in the submissive role. In chastity, it has the added feeling of jealousy – she is the one penetrating me, thrusting into me, pounding me… all of the things I wish I could do to her, but now can do only if she allows it.

      Also, I will admit it feels good when she does it. πŸ™‚

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