3 comments on “It’s Work For Us Too – Podcast Episode 3

  1. Awesome, awesome podcast!!! I’m going to try and get my spouse to listen in on it. Your words and descriptions were absolutely perfect. I think, in general, most women severely underestimate the power of the verbal tease, a sexy text, or a look or touch. They don’t really understand how differently a chaste hubby or BF looks at them than they would normally. You always seem to know whats needs saying, to both dominant keyholders and submissives. I look forward to hearing more from you and CM in the future.

  2. Another great podcast, I really liked the fact that you just laid it out without thinking about it too much and smoothing off the edges. And I know how long it can take to write a post, I’m sure a lot of readers really don’t appreciate that sometimes, so maybe it’s good to just blurt it out without agonizing over every sentence sometimes…
    Robert Anthony

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