2 comments on “In For The Long Haul (or How a Forced Ruined Orgasm Got Me Locked Up 24/7 For Over a Month)

  1. Monkey, my Mistress will do something similar, although she has never tied me to the bed and used a vibrator. She would generally do it by stroking my cock and looking into my eyes and telling me that I had better not ejaculate, knowing full well that it was her intention all along. Of course, having “disobeyed” by coming, I was now due a punishment spanking.

    Later when I asked her why doesn’t she just punish me rather than forcing me to disobey her, she’s simply says because she loves to see me struggle to try and obey.

    She’s wonderful

    • Subhub, that’s exactly it… it would be easy enough to just say “your doing 24/7 until Aug” but what’s the fun in that? 🙂 I, too, love the struggling to obey. My monkey boy is such a good boy (which I adore about him) that it takes me forcing him to disobey haha 🙂

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