8 comments on “I’m the Wife, I’m the Keyholder… I’m in Charge!

  1. This is the reason we don’t use devices. Bear loves seeing me erect, loves teasing me, and does so almost daily. I don’t penetrate him (more’s the pity – he misses it), so there’s no risk of me coming that way. “Without device” works well that way for 5-7 weeks. Longer periods need some adjustment on my part, which I hope I have made now.
    I’ve been looking at Kegel exercises for men and “dry orgasms”. It looks like it takes a lot of practice, months to years, but that might be an option for you, if you want to mix chastity with device and without device.

    • Don’t be mistaken, our orgasm denial and chastity are only partly linked. I would likely have him locked even if I was letting him cum everyday hehe, I love it! 🙂 but also there are times he is unlocked where he does not cum. So while they do go hand in hand, one does not govern the other.

      I’m so glad, schnoff, that you have worked out holding off. I love the Bear teases you almost daily, I love that! I love doing that hehe! 🙂 I hope you manage to make that click with exercises or whatever to go longer for Bear. I’m so in love with the “hair trigger horny” that comes from long term denial.

  2. You had me till I read “boobies.” 😉
    In similar fashion, my KH knows that she is queen, and therefore can change the rules at her whim. My birthday can’t come (cum) soon enough.

  3. Right you are. I can see how the chastity would be a kink in its own right.
    And boy, did you nail it with the “hair trigger horny”. All he has to do is wrap his hand around me and squeeze lightly, and I am squirming and moaning and half out of my mind. It’s a fun state to be in. Very.
    Here’s to my changes in routine paying off. Too early to say it worked, yet I am hopeful :).

  4. You are in charge. And he only needs to be locked when you want him to be and unlocked when you want him to be. How about you keep him unlocked when you’re ready to use him and then locked when you’re done with him? 24/7 might mean he’s locked all the time you want him locked. This is supposed to be enjoyable of you just as much. He’s defiantly locked when you’re not around. You’re in charge.

    • Kinkypleasures,

      That’s how it usually is… but I was trying to push us to see how long we could keep him completely locked. However, I’ve changed my mind because I miss unlocking, using him, teasing him, locking him back up etc. So, because I AM in charge I can change things up in the middle. 🙂

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