28 comments on “I Need To Be Fucked Hard!

  1. OMG. Reading about how worked up you are and how you are dying to use him is making me dying to do the same thing to David.

    How long has it been since his last orgasm?

    Id consider pushing him past the maybe day just to fully enforce to him that you can.

  2. How long has he been denied now? I’d consider pushing him past that maybe day just to really enforce that you can.

    This is so hot its making me want to use David hard like this too.

    • I know you guys are together this weekend, right? Oh… get it girl!

      I’m about to get my daughter set up with her flush (medical issues) and take my phone up so he can get some pics while I ride him again. She’ll be busy so I can get a few good minutes of his cock before I cage him back up. 😉

      Marie, I’ve been thinking about whether or not he will get a full orgasm, no orgasm or a ruined one for his birthday. I really haven’t decided yet… as we get closer I will figure it out on a whim. I don’t like to plan that far in advance, I go with my gut, so to speak. 🙂

  3. You are just gorgeous….I am way too impotent for you, but it sounds like you found a way. Mind you only lately I learned that I could give oral and not be ridiculous….and she was so turned on she had me lie on the floor and she engulfed my face and used my nose to get off on. Apart from not being able to breathe, that was, well, new. Anyway, I am sure you will be fine!

      • Funny part is you have all you need….I mean he is right there. You might need a soundproof room! Or an escape zone…babysitter maybe? On another side, it it terrible that feeling of wanting it….that hunger right there in the zone. It makes me feel kind of ….well, like screaming. sorry – and good luck! MInd you if you are sub like me, all I need is for someone to….well, do what you yourself want to do to him….yea a face-fuck, I must admit, that is something else.

      • I’d imagine as my teased, denied and caged subby hubby he must feel like this every day haha I’m ready to explode. I need to go have a good cum right now before I have to take my kid out to her music lessons. 🙂

        Yes… a babysitter is looking really good right now!

  4. A good BOB of on order to prevent his orgasm. Make him watch you fuck that battery operated toy to completion the have him do what ever you guys do.

  5. Wow you are horny! I can certainly relate to your needs. How old is your daughter? If I remember you have other children too. Sex may have to wait until they are asleep of staying with relatives. Grandparents love to have the kids for a weekend now and then. Good luck and thanks for telling us how you really feel.

    • We have 2 kids. Our daughter is almost 9 and I homeschool her and our son is 6 and in kindergarten.

      Sex always waits until they are asleep for the most part but they aren’t ever at relatives as no one lives anywhere near us, unfortunately.

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