4 comments on “I Got to Know Locked Up Love

  1. I got their Reusable Plastic Lock a few years ago and it’s well worth it’s price.
    It fits the plastic CB series (maybe others) and is far better then the crappy numbered tags that break off easily (and far more secure). Great for when you can’t have metal or hate padlocks bouncing around.

    They were great to work with. Great customer service seems to be a dying art form. I’m all for you plugging these companies and spreading their word… (unless you are getting paid to.. then I want a cut for my good words too….)

    • Haha nope, not getting payment or a discount or anything for most things we do. Sometimes we get a product to try out in exchange for an honest review but most of the time we just do it because we love and use the products. 🙂

  2. This is great to know that many companies such as this one are growing. Growing means that more and more people in the community and even though not in the community are trying chastity and spreading the word. I see a future where chastity is the norm and used on a common basis. The more stores that sell the products, the more people openly talk about chastity and the more we share experiences, the wider spread this lifestyle will become!

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