7 comments on “I Fully Control His Orgasms and Sexual Pleasure

  1. This is our usual state of affairs. We tried setting dates, but if I want him to come, then he is going to come. It’s my choice. I would get annoyed that I was supposed to wait for a specific day or later so it didn’t work for me. Basically every day is Maybe Day around here.

    We have played with setting a number of edges before he can come or a number of orgasms for me and that worked for us. That is also usually the way that I punish him if I need to. He feels the punishment but it is still fun for me. πŸ™‚

    • Right, overall it IS maybe day every day here. I do enjoy pushing him though so we set like an ultimate Maybe day and if I decide in the middle of it to change my mind, I can. I just don’t even want that right now. I’m not changing much other than not giving him any certain time frame for anything (which is a challenge for him itself, he needs baselines for things to not get stressed).

  2. I love that you are changing this as this is how it really should be, you in full control with CM being clueless to know what your thoughts are on when he will cum. I think this is great because any day can be maybe day this way and he will never know. You could make him go longer than he has ever gone before and he will be clueless or you could let him cum when he least expects it. I think it could be an even bigger mindfuck for him to not know and not to have a date in his mind to strive towards. To me it surrenders more control when he really doesn’t know and only you know from moment to moment. Great move!

  3. We (or rather Jalan) switch it up. Sometimes there’s a declared period of denial–usually with no promise of what happens after. It’s not her favorite for reasons mentioned above, it takes her choice away, too, for that period. It would harm the play for both of us if she didn’t hold to it.

    More often, it’s in the moment. At any given time, she might decide I get an orgasm, a ruined orgasm, or nothing. Sometimes she wants me to come inside her.

    Both of these do very different things to/for me and for her, both special in their way. Either I have no hope at all, or I’m constantly wondering, “Will this be the time?” The declared period is less common, but she likes the effects of both.

  4. Hi guys
    This is how Mistress R has always done it, it makes a lot of sense to me. Too much store is placed by longer and longer periods of chastity in my opinion. Better to take it moment by moment I think.

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