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  1. Numbing agents take about 15 minutes before they really cut in. Lidocaine, the active ingredient in those products takes time before the nerves have been put to sleep enough to prevent orgasm.

  2. I recommend using a condom with any numbing gel. It allows the gel to fully absorb, keeps Lady M sensitive and adds another layer of frustration.

    • It wasn’t me that had the issues lol it was cagedmonkey who lost too much sensation and couldn’t stay hard. 🙂 and I consider that a real problem.

  3. One thing I have tried with Elliot is to give him a little Viagra – not too much, we find 20mg more than sufficient – and then have him make a little mess in his cup. I usually send him to his corner with a pair of my panties to press into the wall with his nose while I get busy with my vibrator. In a little while I will be close to the edge and he, thanks to the V, will be hard again. Sweetness ensues but, because he has already come, he stays hard as long as I want him but he is not even close to coming. He can then alternate pleasuring me with his tongue, cock and fingers plus I can use my vibrator again having sent him back to his corner to preserve my privacy.

    Well worth the trivial cost of the Viagra.

    • That sounds like it works great for you guys! That’s awesome!

      It usually takes me three times to empty cagedmonkey… after that I’m usually good to have a good hard fucking. Lately I’ve gotten him to cum in me one right after the other… outstanding!!

      • Sounds like a plan!

        Just as a matter of personal preference I usually like to avoid having Elliot’s little mess in me. Once in a while, sure, but for regular outings I think it reminds him of his position to be forced to masturbate in a cup while I make a little fun of his perfect little cockette.

        Either way, it is never about the man so enjoy yours how ever you will.

  4. Harry Haversackers has written about this idea before and I often thought… ‘if you can’t feel how would you get hard’? Maybe a cock ring would be an idea?

  5. We have tried this a few times and had varied results, but experimented to find what works for us. The first time I was too excited initially and didn’t think I was numb enough for it to work… then after I had to stop, I was experiencing the let down of it not working and another part of me “let down” ending that attempt rather unsuccessfully.

    We kept trying though and found if we covered only my head and the first half inch of shaft with numbing agent it worked much better. I was able to stay erect and still enjoy it but wasn’t the hair trigger I often am after a period of denial. If I let myself get too mentally carried away then I could orgasm but if I exercised some mental restraint I could hold out comfortably.

    Also, I don’t really like the mouth pain relievers as much since they tend to leave a film. We prefer the numbing first aid sprays that are available with Benzocaine even though they burn for a few moments when first applied. They dry after a few minutes and we add a condom to prevent cross contamination of lady parts that shouldn’t be numb. Since it is dry the condom doesn’t slide around like if it was wet on the inside which seems to make the fact that I’m wearing one less obvious and more enjoyable to her.

    I would say experiment with different brands & types of numbing agent as well as application styles and time frames. Also the more normal it becomes the more effective it will be as the extreme mindfuck wears off with time. Think about the first time you tried a chastity device. If like me I had to have about four rapid succession ejaculations just to get soft enough to put it on.

    Sorry for the novel, it was just intended to be a public service announcement!

    • Haha don’t worry, J, we like public service announcements. We love sharing our experiences and encourage others to share theirs here as well, so thank you! 🙂

  6. I have a similar thing with me all the way from Sarawak, it’s called Gambir Sarawak. It’s from the bark of a tree. Been wanting to try it but none of the guys want it, not even my ex!

  7. As Rob mentioned, we’ve played around with this using a product called Anbesol Extra Strength. When combined with a condom, both for it’s sensation damping properties and to protect CH’s delicate and sensitive tissues from the effects of the gel, it’s worked like a hot damn… I get very little feeling of friction, but still feel her squeezing me with those wonderful muscles of hers, and stay rock hard, without reaching the point of needing to ejaculate.

    I’d say try it again, and roll on a raincoat after wiping the excess gel off with a tissue (rather than washing it off, since that may have some unintended effect). To keep Mr. Happy all perky while waiting on the gel to do its job, maybe ML could do something to keep you all horned up, like sit on your face…. :-))

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