5 comments on “How Time Flies

  1. I have no doubt that, over time, your time caged/denied is going to get longer, and longer and longer… But fear not, after a couple of months, it doesn’t change much… It’s smooth sailing then, because you realize that being aroused constantly is a real high, better than an orgasm.

  2. So is it a bad (good?) Thing when your Keyholder momentarily forgets your wearing it? Hehe

    I had a moment today thinking something yummy and sexual and then had to remind myself “oh he’s in his cage!” *giggle*

  3. The longer you are locked, the more you’ll enjoy this lifestyle. Once ML starts enjoying taking an oral sex from you without releasing you, I bet she’ll never release you often, At least this has been my experience. Now I’m so used to be locked, that I feel more comfortable & natural while I’m locked. Without my cage, I feel i’m missing one of my organs!

  4. I agree with Hhaversackers. After a couple of months in the cage, you are 1/2 way to orgasm and leaking like a sieve. The euphoric high begins to feel better than the letdown after an orgasm. Once she starts pegging you, you just might not want to orgasm and ruin the subspace you’re in.

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