5 comments on “How Did I Get to Be So Flirty? Farewell to my Father

  1. Having lost my father when I was only 13, I can relate to your feelings. Please accept my sincere condolences and know that in time, you do learn to live with the loss.

  2. My condolences as well. It can be a difficult thing, even when you know it’s coming and think you are prepared. For it to happen suddenly, I think must be even worse. My father was too ‘thrifty’ (cheap) to buy good whiskey so every Xmas Mrs. Twisted and I would get him an expensive bottle of good stuff, which he would nurse throughout the year. Now we keep a bottle on hand, and on his birthday and his deathday we have a drink and remember…(there’s more to the story but it wouldn’t be appropriate at this point).
    Remember the good times…

    • Thanks Twisted, what a great thing to share. My dad was a huge baseball fan so I’m going to celebrate him every year by going to a game in his honor. 🙂 This year I was going to take him to the Tigers game in July but now I hope to go to that game and take him in spirit.

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