9 comments on “Hooded, Cuffed to the Table, Shaved and Teased

    • My pleasure, I’m sure lighting could have been better but when you’re sneaking a video you gotta take what you can get hehe πŸ™‚

  1. After watching that HOT video, I gotta ask: is he ticklish? If I had a guy all tied up like that, I wouldn’t be able to resist tickle torturing his horny little brains out!

    • Thanks so much for your comment!

      Haha he is ticklish but that’s a bit of a limit for him unless I have him completely and utterly secured tightly in a safe spot. He thrashes rather violently when tickled. I’ve only done it a couple times in our lives because he really truly does not like it and it isn’t fun to make him angry rather than frustrated. I think he has a bad attachment from childhood, to tickling. No biggie, plenty of other ways to torture him!

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