7 comments on “Hiding the Key… From Me!

  1. Just an idea but how about freezing the key in an old ice-cream tub. That way if you really want it just stick it under the hot tap and thaw it out. By freezing it though it stops you just grabbing it and unlocking CM the ice will literally cool you down hehe 😉 Have fun xx

    • I like the ice-cream tub idea. It is a good way to put an emergency key away in a hard to reach place. big enough that it could kill the mood just waiting for it to thaw and close by in the event it is needed for an emergency. As for the key around your neck, I like the idea of putting it into an envelope and dropping it into the blue mailboxes on the street. It would only take a day or two at most to get back to you and it’s out of reach. Worse case, you have the ice-cream tub 😉

  2. If the urge doesn’t fade… you could consider a safety deposit box. That way it’s safely out of reach until you REALLY want it, and they’re fairly inexpensive too.

    • Oh it’s never that long… we’ve got kids, they will kill a mood in a split second. 🙂 really it only last about that day but I’ve been safe in keeping my necklace off my neck for a few extra days anyway hehe

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