4 comments on “He Said, She Said/Mail Chastity: Hurts So Good?

  1. Well said both of you!

    I would never hurt elliot; but I am delighted to create sensations which he both hates and enjoys. When I cane him I will usually leave welts and, from time to time , there may be bruising and even speckles of blood where the cane lines cross. He winces and vocalizes as I whip him which makes sense as the cane stings. He has trouble sitting down for a day or two after a serious caning and the marks can last for a week or two.

    He is never more loving nor prouder to be a man in his position than when he has endured a caning and wears my marks. The caning itself releases all sorts of neuro chemicals and, more to the point, stress and tension. The aftermath gives him the profound sense of being loved and cherished which he craves. Transient pain is nothing, he says, compared to the sense of being mine.

  2. Just for perspective on “hurting”, a lot of people enjoy participating in sports. For example, I enjoy road cycling. I’ve often headed out “Just for 20 miles or so” and end up coming home at twice that, legs quivering, lungs on fire, and my arms sore. Nobody questions whether or not I enjoy cycling, the underlying assumption is that when you push yourself physically, sometimes it hurts.

    Likewise, some of the painful aspects of sex are a way that we push ourselves (even when we ask our partners to do the hurting). It’s not cruel, it’s a way to push personal boundaries for a pleasurable outcome.

    • Thanks so much for your comment Tom!

      Boy we sure do have some intelligent followers and readers. I love all the different views on things. Thank you!

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