8 comments on “He Said, She Said: Losing Control in Chastity (w/Guest Blogger Tom Allen)

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    For as long as I’ve been reading about chastity play, I’ve run across the complaints from women who don’t know what to do with their partners once they are finally wearing a device. In the past, I’ve written a lot about how it’s important to give your body time to adapt to wearing a chastity device. Now I see that it’s just as important to give yourself time to adjust emotionally.

  2. Really excellent piece! You guys nailed the real life issues we all face in the beginning. We took the slow approach to denial. Over the last 6 months the longest I have waited is 12 days. It’s been a learning experience! Mrs. Lion is basically a vanilla woman and she is still discovering how to integrate my chastity into her life. I realistically think it will take another six months before we settle in to a smooth pattern where she is comfortable with her control and I fully master the feelings denial generate in me.

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  6. My advice would be to try it out on your own for while. That way, once you have the fit down, what you need to do to be comfortable and clean, you’ll be READY to be denied for long periods of time. It seems to me unlikely that anyone can go from a lifetime of free access to their junk and then overnight be locked up with no previous experience with chastity. That just won’t work.

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