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  1. A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and Lady. I have really enjoyed her comments and perspectives on the CF. Think you are correct about our fears. They tend to cause us to make mistakes in the introduction of male chastity to our spouses and keep things from these for fear of what they will think of us. I made many of those mistakes. Bought a device, books on the subject, etc behind her back. As a result, she was upset I didn’t confide in her and expected her to figure it out on her on. Eventually, we got past that, but could be so much farther ahead of where we are in MC and our FLR had I been up front with my desires. You are doing the right things. I am excited for the two of you.

    • I know this wasn’t directed at me specifically and I know that cagedmonkey well respond on his own but I wanted to say that he and I both have made plenty of mistakes in our entire relationship mainly out of fear and lack of trust that the other would be supportive and/or understanding. Sometimes in a relationship the time is not right and the fear is a sort of protection until it is right.

      Thank you for your comments, it’s good to know we aren’t alone! 🙂

    • ML and I sometimes fall into the “if only we had” thing, wondering where we would be in this journey if we had been more open earlier in our relationship. But, honestly, it couldn’t have happened any other way – we weren’t BOTH ready at the same time until this very moment. And being on the same page is so important when it comes to chastity.

      Thanks for your comment, wishful, and keep reading and enjoying!!

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