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  1. Not sure if you could tell by my squealing, but you were getting my prostate pretty good… if you had continued, I would have had some serious laundry to do! 😉

  2. The one thing I love about the revenge just by looking at it is the security. In the event something would happen where he was tempted to take off the device because he was done playing or you got into a fight or something along those lines, he cannot just cut off the lock and end play. That thing looks well secure and there is nothing that can be easily cut to remove the device.

    There is a tumblr post I saw once that showed a woman getting into a well secured chastity belt and sending her BF the “only” key through the mail with a picture of her only in the chastity. He waited a few weeks before responding that he was breaking up with her and will think about returning the key.
    This was hot. Why? because of the real possibility of being permanently stuck in chastity until you decide on a humiliating or painful way of removing it. All of which takes time, and something about that scenario is hot.

    Anyway back to the Revenge, Not that you are going to do this, BUT, knowing that this is a possible scenario that cannot be predicted (but can be played) and that this is a very secure device in such a manner that it cannot be removed even after a small fight is a big turn-on regarding control and power. And I think that’s one of the main points to having something that is so secure 😉

    • I had a conversation with cagedmonkey about this very thing. Well, the security of the integrated lock, lol not the other. And I told him it’s not so simple now as wiggling the cage to loosen the screw or cutting the scrawny little padlock. It’s definitely a different thing altogether.

      He says it doesn’t change his feelings on it because, to him, every device is secure but there is a slight difference here.

      Good to hear from you, as always, KP 🙂

      • I agree, every device is secure; especially when you know you’re not going to actually try to escape it. But having a device, you KNOW is secure and is considered a more permanent thing, there is something a little more erotic about handing that kind of control over ;). The only thing I can compare it to is a tattoo. You can get temporary tats that are fun while they last. You would be comfortable putting anything on your body, even a name or submissive phrase, but what if you got that same phrase by means of a real tattoo?
        Branding is one of my many kinks, I’ve told my wife that I would tattoo her name on my body as a branding. I belong to her and I would think it would make her feel more empowered to have this done as its a stronger commitment than say, a wedding ring that can be physically removed. You can look at moving into a chastity with a more difficult to crack ability as the same empowerment 🙂

      • That’s exactly what we say about our tattoos. His lock tattoo is his permanent chastity. Even if he’s not physically in his device he is still “locked” by me. I love it and I am his which is why I have my matching key tattooed on me!

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