3 comments on “Getting Back in the Groove (Single And Double Entendre)

  1. Caged Monkey, I really think if you talked to your wife/Mistress, and told her you wanted to give her oral service during her cycle, she would try it. She could wear a tampon while you lick her and she would get the pleasure as would you, and you would not be in direct contact with the blood, alltho I have given oral many times during this time of month, and the blood never hurt me any, and I found that the ladies really got a lot of enjoyment from it.

    • harmony102402,

      Thanks for your comment and you’re right, I’ve written a post all about Sex and Orgasm During Menstruation http://wp.me/p43vCr-iV

      Personally, I do not and won’t wear tampons so thats not an option however, CM will service me how ever & when ever I like, on my period or not. 🙂

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