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  1. I’ve also tried it both ways, and agree that ‘free’ chastity can be just as challening – and horny – as the enforced kind, just in a different way. In some ways wearing a cage makes it easier, since you don’t have to exercise the same levels of self-control. Keep enjoying the journey!

  2. I am kept in scrict chastity as well, but it is 99% of the time without the use of a cage. We have one, and if Mistress is in the mood, or if she wishes to punish me, she will have me wear it. other than that, I am expected to follow strict rules regarding this penis, these balls and this ass that she owns. I may only touch them in the course of natural bodily functions and for cleaning only! If I am caught “cleaning” too long, I’m punished harshly for showing Mistress lack of respect.

    Life is good.

  3. What a lucky one you are that she gave you some freedom, showing how much she trusts you considering how much you “need to cum”. It is great that you did not abuse that trust.

    Ive been enjoying your blog very much and thanks so much for changing the feeds setting back!!!

    • I think it was important for hubby to know I do trust him. He loves this as much as me and I know he’d be upset if he disappointed me like that.

      I’m glad the settings got worked back out! Lol crazy things happen when you go messing around in them. 🙂

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