2 comments on “Finding the Time to Connect

  1. Hi Lady M,

    I think that the two of you are doing great, a lot of families who deal with all that life throws at them turn inwards to themselves to get through which creates a lot more tension, heart ache and selfishness. The fact that you both are looking to each other in these stressful times is wonderful and can only lead to a much stronger family bond.

    Trust me, you will look back at these times as some of the most rewarding in your family raising experiences for what you all gained from the experience. It’s hard to see now but from my experience it’s over coming the challenges that ultimately brings you closer together.


    • Thank you… We have both learned we can’t do this alone and we were meant to go through this life together. Together means communication and asking for help from one another. After all we’ve been through and the mistakes we already made we are very grateful for each and everyone of our experiences, good and bad. We’ve been through the resentment and the hurt from holding things in and not communicating and from thinking we had to do it alone. It’s just not true and very not healthy. We chose and married each other to have a partner in this life. 🙂

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