7 comments on “Enclosed in Steel – Steelworxx Revenge Review

  1. Glad to hear you like the new device. I may talk to my wife maybe it is time we change things up for our devices. We just got her three new cocks (dildos) so we are trying to keep things fresh.

    • Yup we got this for variety… we recently ordered a Queens Keep from Mature Metal which is kind of a mix between, a little less open than the JB. These should all be quite interesting!

  2. I like the idea of an enclosed but let me know how easy it is to keep clean and with chafing. I liked the bars on mine as it’s easy to clean and she can see its reactions. On the other hand. I like the closed and hidden away factor.

    • The few days he wrote it, cleaning while on want all that bad… he will have to get back to you on this once he finds out he’s getting locked back in today and will be staying there until Friday. Haha he’s going to miss his frustrated cock for a whole week. He won’t be seeing or touching it… at… all! πŸ™‚

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