10 comments on “Doctor Ordered Orgasm Denial

  1. Strange twist of fate, the denier has become the denied…

    Hoping for the best and that it’s nothing serious and is easily treatable. Thanks for the update.

  2. I have never commented here but have been reading for some time and found your blog to be very enjoyable.

    I have had extreme headaches during and after orgasm too. Mine also happened most often during tease and denial but I am the guy and the one denied not the other way around. I asked my wife if she had ever had a similar issue but she hasn’t. For me it was like the more intense the buildup and more powerful the event the more likely it was to happen. I never had it looked at but did have a contrast CT for an unrelated reason, no issues were discovered, and it has gone away for now anyway.

    I did notice I focused on the pain in my head and would only describe that part but it was really a whole body event when it happened. I would get extreme tightness in my neck, pain down my arms and legs, and pain in my major joints like I really needed to pop them severely (doing so did help immediately). The strange part is sometimes I have the same thing when I sneeze really hard. Do you also get this additional stuff or something similar? If so you may want to describe those parts to you doctor too.

    I hope you get some good news back quickly and expect you will based on my experience.

    • Hey Jeff and welcome!
      Thanks so much for your comment. I really don’t get any other symptoms than it feeling like a knife stabbing me straight through the left side of my forehead (vertically above my eye) to the back of the left side of my neck. Then my entire left side of my head throbs. There are a few other little facial symptoms as well but nothing with the rest of my body, no stiffness or anything.
      I am glad yours is nothing to be concerned about. 🙂 I hope mine is just one of those things and not anything more.

  3. The ‘what ifs’ are so stressful!

    I hope the wait between now and your CT appointment goes quickly, and that things go smoothly for you. Sending positive thoughts your way.

    • Thanks Mrs Fever… They are the worst but trying to just know it’s something easy. Nothing major or to worry about.

    • You are right and I should have fixed that right after I hit send… In the queen of typos! It will still show incorrect in the email subscribers thing though.

  4. These headaches Suck. Assuming your CT comes back negative for all the life threatening stuff (bursting vessels in your brain, bleeds, strokes, etc.), you may very well find the real cause to be cervicogenic, though it is doubtful that the MD will come to that conclusion. Having experienced them occasionally, I can tell you that it is probably an easy fix for your local chiropractor.

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