5 comments on “Desperate for Orgasm After 10 Months of Denial

  1. I understand where you are coming from. My wife also struggles with denying me sometimes. I don’t expect she’ll make me wait a year, but she’ll likely make me wait several months at a time. I still very much enjoy sex and want to come but the heightened sexual tension makes life more fun. While I enjoyed my last orgasm immensely, I also felt regret that that particular ride was over. Now three weeks later I’m starting to feel that increase in horniness again. I love that.

    • That’s actually another thing I miss… I miss the build up of the denial period. I mean once you’re denied for a while there is no more oomph!

  2. hi, I enjoy reading your blogs very much and was wondering if others know about your lifestyle like family and friends , we are a femdom couple and i’m also locked and was wondering if I should tell people around us our lifestyle ,thank you Bob

    • Our kink is very much a private subject – there are very few people who are aware of our vanilla and kink identities.

      We have always felt that it’s not a great idea to bring people into our kinky lifestyle who may not be prepared for it; it would be unfair to push that onto someone without any warning. Most of the people who know both sides of us started on the kinky side.

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