2 comments on “Conversations in Chastity – Developing Situations

  1. We’ve been playing this incredible game for more than three years now, and it’s only been in the past year and a half that CH has been able to get past her guilty feelings about not giving me regular orgasms. I guess it’s something that society drums into us from an early age, that wives are expected to sexually please their husbands.
    Now, however, she’s over it, at least most of the time, and she’s like you, Lady, in that seeing my need and my frustration (even though I’m fully on board, and wanting to be denied) when she’s teasing the shit out of me, makes her pussy run like a river…
    Now, the only things she looks forward to about my orgasms is watching or feeling me spurt, and feeding my sticky issue back to me for recycling…

  2. There is no need to feel like an orgasm is doing it wrong. Nor that being denied months solid is better than a shorter time. For one the odd orgasm doesn’t reduce your horniness level much when it’s just a lone cum. Secondly if Lady or You occasionally crack on a vulnerable day then that’s just part of the fun. And it is fun as well as being a lifestyle. If you crack she can punish you but not for guilt or because it’s wrong. If she cracks well she’s the boss it’s what she wanted, so it’s not wrong by definition.

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