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  1. I’m very much curious about how cagedmonkey feels about being constantly submissive to Lady. Is that his ever sexual nature even before you two met? Or he sort of adapted gradually to give flare to the relationship. And does Lady give him some cheat periods where he is free from her domination and just have casual sex perhaps? Would want to try to add some kink (don’t know which one yet) with my girlfriend. Great blog by the way! πŸ˜€

  2. Hi there! Just wanted to send you a note to say that since finding your blog recently I’ve now finished reading through it “cover to cover” and am very impressed! One question though.. You’d talked about the possibility of maybe eventually trying a bit of “female chastity” as well. I saw you had the one brief stint of orgasm denial for Lady M, but do you still consider trying an actual device for any period of time at all? I’ve always wondered if the female devices are really even that practical, as a full belt always seems like it would be so much more cumbersome and difficult to maintain than the male “cage-style” devices…

    Just curious. I really just wanted to say Hi and keep up the good work (writing)! πŸ™‚

    • Hi there pcguy!

      Thank you so much for reading our blog! Thank you so much for your comments, such a great question you’ve asked. I do think this might need it’s own post for a response. Since it could be long and others might be interested in this too!

  3. Hey, KP here. Are you guys moving to fetblogger permanently in the future? I follow you on wordpress but worried you might blog here more than the other. I haven’t setup a profile here yet, but I thought I might ask “why here?”

    • Yes, KP, we will be moving to the monkeyinacage.fetblogger.com address permanently (we really already have). I am keeping the WordPress going for a little while so people can pop over and find us.

      And we moved to fetblogger because it’s ours! We own it, it’s our private server and we offered to host other kinky blogs here as well so our blogger friends have a bit more freedom with what they post. As long as it’s legal it’s able to be posted!

  4. We have tried 2 separate devices and both have failed for the same reason. Most recently it was a metal device.
    I had no problem with the cage portion per say, although at times it pinched where the lock would catch my skin.

    The problem is the ring.
    Trying to get used to the most recent, I wore it for 5 days, the off 3, followed by another 5 days and off 2….Then when it was put on again it appears that the accumulated days became over whelming.
    Basic body dynamics mean the genitals are not a consistent size or shape.

    There are times during the day when the sack seems to contract up very close to my body, sometimes it is when the balls themselves increase in size. This means the ring now is sitting tightly between the body and sack. Over the days I was wearing it, the balls and sack were slowly being injured.
    It became a crises for me one evening after having worn it for 12 out of the last 1 days (24/7 for the 12 days and off completely for the other 5). I was away from home and on an athletic field with lots of people around me when the pressure and rubbing of the ring became unbearable. I tried discretely to push the ring tighter further up the ball sack, against my body to relieve the pressure.
    A couple hours later when I arrived home we worked together to open the lock and remove the device. A portion of my penis, and sack were noticeably dark and bruised. The balls were swollen and bruised. It took over 1 1/2 weeks for the sack to return to almost it’s normal size and shape. It is now over 3 weeks and the balls remain very sensitive.

    OK…….how is you device any different? A larger ring might work to make for more movement, wouldn’t that defeat the purpose if the balls would slip out on their own during the time in the day when everything is “loose”?


    Thoughts or resources? ideas?

    • Ronnni,

      Thanks for the comment, cagedmonkey is going to be responding to you in a post rather than a long comment! πŸ™‚

  5. Hi was wondering is jb is still available we have the wm from mm. And always thought about getting the jb. If so contact me. With info (how much are you looking to sell it all or just cage ext:)
    Thanks Charles

  6. wonderful website, we love Your posts and follow religiously.. please feel free to look at our blog and comment if You so desire.

    Thank you for Your wonderful work

  7. Good Morning ML,
    My husband and I have been trying to start an FLR for the past few years. While we have had a quite a few set backs and false starts due to kids, serious injuries and other life issues. That being said we are finally in a place we’re the pieces are falling together. I was wondering if I could use you as a resource by emailing you and asking advice. Both my husband and I love your blog and have been reading it for the past year or so. You both seem very similar to us both in personality and family life. It is refreshing to see how you incorporate the flr lifestyle with children in the picture. Anyway, thanks for writing the blog, while we have read many blogs, only yours and Mistress Marie’s are the ones we truly follow.
    Thanks again.

    • Anne,
      Thank you for writing and I am more than happy to email with you! I have mentored a few wives on this journey and I’m sure their hubbys are happy… Errr frustrated because of it haha! πŸ™‚

      So nice to hear you read Mistress Marie as well, we will be spending the weekend together very soon with Mistress Marie and David!

      Anyway, please email, I’d love to chat!

  8. I’ve throughly enjoyed going back and reading both of your comments in your blog. I’ve started from the oldest and I’m working my way forwards (I’m in June 2014). I espesially like doing this locked up.

    My wife and I just started our journey. She isn’t a horny as Lady M and isn’t anywhere as cruel, yet. Its going to be fun to go on this adventure with her though. I’d love for Lady M to give her some pointers, advice.

    • Hey there! I’m very happy to mentor and guide any wife or Keyholder! I think those that I have helped along on their journey are satisfied and happy! Please feel free to have her contact me! I am very gentle and not at all a “hardcore” Domme when first chatting with people. I help them find their own way! πŸ™‚

      Glad you are enjoying the blog!

      • I gave her your e-mail address. Hopefully she reaches out to you. I certainly and not going to push her on the idea if she doesn’t want to.

  9. Can i ask do either of you know what exactly causes blue balls? And my other question is is there any evidence that long term enforced chastity causes any health problems? My mistress has been wanting to extend my time in chastity to at least 6 weeks and i’m thinking she may want to try even longer sentences in the future. Thanks in advance for the reply Monkey and mrs. Monkey!

  10. After seeing your site, I think it’s obvious: there is no other woman in the world who can give him what he wants. It`s your mind and the way you play that he loves. Keep doing things exactly the way you want to, and he will be yours forever!
    Love Johnny A.

    • Hey there,
      So glad you found our blog and are enjoying it. As for itunes, I’m not sure where the podcast is headed. It is downloadable through Soundcloud and the rss feed is posted to add it to your podcast players. For now, that’s where it will be but we may decide to do more with it in the future.
      Thanks for your comment!

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