3 comments on “Communication in Chastity (or any Relationship!)

  1. We don’t have a contract in our relationship, or many rules. One big rule we do have though is limiting my access to communicating about chastity, feminization, cross dressing and any other kink that takes my fancy. The rule is my Wife can start a conversation any time she likes but I can only start one on a Saturday.

    That might sound like a bad idea and goes against your advice. The problem that the rule solved was I was overwhelming my Wife with how much I was talking about this stuff. It was counterproductive, putting her off and putting our developing the use of chastity at risk. The rule has actually worked well, increasing the amount she is willing to talk about and giving her a space to relax in that has made things much more successful.

    I do like your idea bout the communication book though, I’m going to ask her what she thinks next Saturday.

    • Our whole thing is about communication – however that works in your relationship – no two look the same. I’m so glad that you have worked out a wonderful way to keep the communication flow open, that it what is important!

    • Oh, as for the book, we have had a few other couples institute the book or log and tell us what a huge help it has been for them. Some were fighting and needing things from one another but didn’t know how to say it without the other being defensive. The book takes out the emotion! 🙂

      Good luck!

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