6 comments on ““Come Here and Be Slutty For Me”

  1. And this is why I love this blog. Because I believe CM when he said on the podcast, “I am living my fantasy.” And I suspect, LadyM, that you are living yours. But when you actually do *live* a fantasy, well, it becomes real and unpredictable. The complexity and humanity you write about is far more compelling than simple hotness.

    • Thanks Tantalized… This is life, it’s our life and we’ve always been about taking people along on our journey. While this is a hot as hell, fun, exciting journey… There is a reality that isn’t always so.

  2. Yes, reading that hot story with all the details is very exciting and fuels our fantasies, but it is such a rare treat indeed to know the true emotions, the doubts and worries, that we all have in living a relationship. Thank you so much for sharing in all ways.
    By the way, this blog was a totally hot story! Oh, to be made a slut like this!

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