Our Twitter followers were the first to get the scoop that I went to work uncaged yesterday. Although I have left for work uncaged before, this was almost always because my cock wouldn’t fit in the cage after fucking hot morning sex or teasing from ML. This time was different – this time there was a medical issue involved.

It was one of those “in the worst possible spot” things: I had an irritated hair follicle directly under my balls, pretty much right where the ring of my cage sits. Most of the time, I can deal with not being perfectly comfortable in my cage (case in point: dealing with a cock-crushing erection at two in the morning). This time, it just plain hurt. With the nature of what’s going on at my work right now, I wouldn’t be able to sit and ride it out. I was afraid this would become a bigger problem than it already was.

Thankfully, ML agreed and allowed me to go uncaged for the day. The plan was for me to lock myself later if I felt up to it. Luckily, I ended up having the opportunity to leave work early due to weather concerns, so I didn’t have to spend the day uncaged after all!

I’m very glad that my keyholder is very reasonable when it comes to my physical needs. My “wants” may go unfulfilled, but my needs are always taken care of.

So I woke up today intending to write my “wearer’s review” of the new Jailbird device ML purchased for me, hoping that it would be a good reference for anyone interested in buying it from us, as well as a general review/information post. Lo and behold, today I found out that ML has already gotten offers on it without my post being written. I guess writing my review of the new JB will be for informational purposes only, then! 🙂

The Cage

As My Lady mentioned in her post, the dimensions of the new JB cage are smaller in both length and width. When I look at my penis when it is locked in the older cage, it looks as though there is room to tighten up just a little bit – there is often a little bit of space when I am flaccid. In practice, though, the new cage is just too tight; I would often find my penis crunched up against the side of the cage or twisted around inside., and I would often feel slight pinching when moving around at work. It wasn’t painful, but it did make wearing the cage uncomfortable. It was also difficult to adjust myself because of the extra crossbar because it was located right where I’m used to grabbing the bars to move the around when needed. I’m sure that the crossbar issue was something I could get used to, though.

The Base Ring

ML was hoping that the double ring would help keep the cage more stable against my body. I’m not sure if this was the case. The double ring did cause some discomfort issues in my sack area, however; I don’t know if the increased surface area compressed my skin more than I’m used to, if the gap was affected by the double ring, or if the added weight pulled down on my skin. All I know is that it didn’t feel right. I’ve gotten many questions lately on whether a single or double ring is better, or which shape ring is best (circle/oval/anatomical/etc.). I think that whatever fits your own body best ends up being what you get used to. I’ve worn devices with a single ring for so long, a double ring just isn’t right for me. The reverse could be true for someone else.


The new JB doesn’t have any major issues – it’s not cutting off circulation, and there are no rough spots or anything like that. There are just a bunch of small discomforts that all add up to the conclusion that it’s not the right fit for me. I do think that the extra crossbar is a nice look, which is why ML and I are going to try a cage with the new bar style and the old measurements.

My Lady hasn’t been feeling very well lately; she has been dealing with strong body aches and generalized overall pain from time to time. I wish I could do something to help her out and relieve her pain, but there’s not much I can do other than being supportive and loving whenever I can.
Our sexy fun play time has suffered greatly over the past few weeks because of this. It may seem superficial, but ML and I both agree that sexual attraction and physical intimacy is a very important part of our relationship. I can tell ML is getting worried that her physical issues are drawing energy away from our sex life. She doesn’t REALLY need to worry about that stuff – we can definite adjust to this situation, as we’ve been through much worse already – but it’s nice when I can help ease her fears when possible (and get her a little turned at the same time).
We were sitting on the couch tonight watching some TV before I had to leave for work, ML was resting her hand on my hip as I was laying on my side next to her. With the sole purpose of making her smile, I pulled the waistband of my shorts down to show her my naked ass. She giggled and squeezed my butt and gave them a soft slap with her palm. Her touch felt so nice on my naked skin, and a moment later I was up on my knees next to her on the couch, bent over the arm with my naked ass pointed in her direction. As her hands caressed my ass cheeks, I heard her make what would be best described as a half laugh/half moan, a sound that she often makes when she is surprised by just how turned on she is getting. It was music to my ears.
For the next few minutes, My Lady smacked my ass until I whimpered and tickled my balls until I couldn’t help but squirm. She gently stroked the base of my cock until I filled up my cage, and she teased the sensitive area between my balls and asshole until I was moaning into the couch cushions. “It’s so cute,” she said as she toyed with me, “I love to watch your ass twitch.” I couldn’t hold still as she brushed her fingers over my exposed skin, and she spanked me hard enough to make me yelp.

It eventually was time for me to get ready for work, but it felt really great to get those juices flowing between us again. It was also wonderful to see My Lady enjoying making my cage tight around my throbbing cock.

Today was supposed to be cagedmonkey’s surgery, for the second time. If you’ve been reading you know how that turned out. A lot has happened this week, actually a lot has happened to us in the past two weeks, some good, some bad. We’ve actually managed to get in a little play and sexy teasy time even though, emotionally, things have been up and down.

It all started with finding out cagedmonkey had ridiculously high blood pressure and him ending up in the emergency room. Since that time we’ve cancelled and rescheduled and cancelled his surgery again. We’ve had him at the cardiologist, started him on two meds and scheduled him for loads of testing to try to find out the cause of his high blood pressure. Wish us luck there, the doctors are semi confused!

We’ve had to put our almost 15 year old cat to sleep. She was an amazing girl. CM found her when she was 3 weeks old, half dead, behind his work. He brought her home to me and when we took her to the vet we were told, “don’t get too attached, there’s no way she’s going to make it!” I nursed her back to health and Ha! She proved them wrong and lived a long healthy 15 years. Nah nah! She was our first “baby,” together so it’s been pretty hard on both of us. I’m so happy that cagedmonkey got to hold her and tell her we loved her as she drifted off to heaven.
Now, not only did we experience disappointment and heartache, we did get some happy moments! We got to take care of hubby’s blood pressure so he didn’t have a stroke on the operating table. He started meds which seem to really be helping his blood pressure and his numbers are looking way better! We also got to celebrate our little guy’s 7th birthday yesterday. It turned out to be an awesome day for all of us. We had fun birthday shopping, having dinner and some frozen yogurt. After such a long day the kids even decided to hold off on birthday cake until today so we still get a little more celebration tonight!

I’ve written before about the “roller coaster of life” and this is just more on that bumpy road. Life has ups and downs, sometimes for us, those all cram themselves into a very short time but we survive and come out stronger on the other side. And now this weekend (our weekend is Sunday/Monday) cagedmonkey and I hope to get in some playtime. I must say I’m absolutely loving how touchy-feely, crazy-for-me, horny hubby is. I’m walking around with super wet panties because he can’t keep his hands off of me. I love hearing how horny he is, how bad he needs and wants to cum, how he wishes he could drop to his knees and please me! Mmm, deliciousness!

I just want to thank the “Chastity Gods” that found a way to bring this into our lives because without it, I think, we both would fall into a depression, our intimacy would suffer and ultimately our lacking sex life would cause huge amounts of resentment in our relationship – oh wait, been there and done that! Yeah… I’m so glad we found this amazing way to keep things fresh and hot, even during these emotional roller coaster rides that we certainly did not get in line for!

Today the final nail was hammered into the coffin of the idea that I might actually have a pain free elbow. It has been decided that my blood pressure issue trumps my elbow pain… and yes, I realize that this is the best decision for my health. It’s just very disappointing that I have to give up my elbow surgery for it, and it’s even more annoying when the doctors I talk to don’t understand this. They think “we’ll have this sorted out in a couple of weeks, and then you can reschedule your surgery.” That’s great, if I could just up and take a month off of work on the middle of summer vacation time (fyi, I can’t).

So now I’m pretty much stuck indefinitely with elbow pain that is worsening by the day, makes it difficult to work, and even more difficult to enjoy kinky stuff with My Lady. With this elbow problem, we are going to have to be very careful with the games we play, and intense scenes are pretty much out of the question… and for how long, if there is even an endpoint, is anyone’s guess (ML will argue against this point in the comments, lol).

Honestly… it sucks. But it’s necessary. Taking care of my blood pressure is much more important that my elbow. If I can only fix one, the blood pressure is the correct choice. It just really sucks ass the stuff I gotta give up to make thar choice.

Yesterday’s post was apparently just the tip of the iceberg, but kind of in a good way. My “panic attack” that prevented my elbow surgery ended up being something totally different and much more serious.

During the day of me moping all day long (and My Lady getting more and more annoyed by the moment), we began working on a plan to get the elbow surgery done. This involved getting it rescheduled quickly while I still had a chance to squeeze in my time off at work. We were making good progress, but one thing still bothered me – how to handle the panic attack problem again. As a check, ML picked me up a home blood pressure monitor, just to see how my numbers where when I was at home and more relaxed.

Surprise! My blood pressure was worse. Like, “how is your head not exploding?” worse. So, off to the emergency room to prevent a heart attack or stroke we went!

(Keep in mind during all of this, that I’m in my mid 30s, so I’m like “what the fuck, why am I dying?” Moving on…)

As the triage nurse takes my vitals, I warn him not to be too freaked out when he sees my blood pressure. He then tells me that it’ll be tough for be to beat the highest number of the night, which was something like 208/110. I’ve never been one to back down from a challenge, and I VERY easily blew that away with a 250/148 of my own.

Now, let’s pause for just a moment for those who know about blood pressure to pick their collective jaws up off the floor. For those not in the know, [SCIENCE ALERT] the high end of normal blood pressure is usually in the 120/80 range. Anything over 140/90 is considered high blood pressure and should be treated. A top number of over 180 is called a “hypertensive crisis” and emergency care is needed.

Hey, what can I say…. when I do something, I go all out.

The one thing that was confusing the doctors – and me, for that matter – was that I had no symptoms whatsoever. With a bp that high, I should have been having headaches, vision problems, nausea… I had none of that. I felt completely fine, other than being a little anxious because I knew that my blood pressure was so high. I mean, seriously… my blood pressure is two times as high as normal, and my body is just like “I don’t know what you guys are all concerned about, I’m totally chill here.” WTF????

So, thankfully, they didn’t keep me overnight, but they did get me a prescription for blood pressure medication. Hopefully, these will help get my numbers down quick…. ML was able to get my elbow surgery rescheduled for next Friday. Maybe this was all just God’s way of telling me “look motherfucker, you have to get yourself checked out and healthy, and if fucking up your elbow surgery for a week is what’s going to motivate you to getting it fixed, that’s what I’m gonna do.” I guess I can’t really blame God for that. 😉

So, now the plan is to get on the meds, chill out my heart and get it to relax, and hopefully get my elbow fixed next Friday. Honestly, though, my elbow is the lesser of my concerns right now. I’ve been meaning to get “old man healthy” for a while now, because I’m fucking loving my life right now and I want a lot more of it. Things like this are getting me moving in the right direction.

So, just a quick post because I’m really not in the mood to do anything more (you’ll understand why in a moment).

Today was my elbow surgery… or i should say i was scheduled to have elbow surgery. That’s an important distinction, because I ended up not having the surgery after my blood pressure went nuts. For a more detailed description of what happened, check out this TIFU post I wrote on Reddit.

So yeah… I’m pissed off, annoyed, disappointed… Just about any negative emotion you can mention, I’m feeling it right now. Today was supposed to be the first step in being pain free for the first time in over ten years. Instead, now I’m looking forward to more time gutting though elbow pain at work, inability to play certain bondage games with ML because of my arm strength limitations (forget hearing about how it feels to be locked in the stockade for quite some time)… oh, and bye bye to that month off of work that I was looking forward to spending time with my wife and family.

Man, this cold has really been kicking my ass. As My Lady mentioned in earlier posts, I missed a couple days of work, which is fairly rare for me. Even over the weekend, I was feeling like crap. I’m much better now, although I’ve still got some sinus congestion; it’s a major mood killer when I have to pull back from a passionate kiss to sniff some snot dribbles back into my nose.

The one thing I have noticed is that the “horn” has definitely started coming back. When ML is near me, I feel a surge of desire that drives me closer to her. The last two nights while leaving for work, I haven’t been able to resist kissing her fiercely. Tonight, I even pushed her up against the wall and kissed her, causing her to moan and grind her body against me. It’s been a while since I’ve been inside her pussy with anything (thanks to her cycle), and I think she’s starting to feel the frustration of that, as well.

I also have some good news on the horizon to report – very soon, I will be having surgery to help fix my elbow. It’s been a pain for quite some time now, and to be quite honest, it interferes with our sex life. Missionary is sometimes a challenge of finding the best way to take weight off of my arm, and you can imagine how difficult certain bondage positions can be for me. After the surgery and recovery, I should be in much better shape. I seriously cannot wait! I’ve been wanting to get this done for years now, and I finally found a doctor who was willing to consider surgery an option.

So, here’s to getting healthy and hopefully staying that way!


My Lady has been taking just about every moment she possibly can to tease me over the past week or so. Some of these teases have been quite intense. Throughout most of this time – at least the times she is not actively using her “favorite toy” – I have been wearing the cage. My cock has been reacting very strongly to her teases, filling up the cage very quickly and bulging through the bars in a desperate attempt of a full erection. And my high level of horniness does me no favors when I am waiting for these attempts to subside.

Wednesday night, after a day of bearing witness to many strong orgasms that ML enjoyed, I was off to work… after licking ML’s pussy and bringing her to 3 more orgasms, which gets me more turned on than anything else in the world. During a potty break at work, I noticed there were some tiny red dots along the shaft of my cock. ML had just shaved me recently, so I figured it was some sort of rash or irritation. I sent her a message, asking if she would unlock me and we could check it out. She agreed.

At home that morning, she pulled the cage off, drawing the “release from the cage” moan that has pretty much become standard. 🙂 She held my slowly growing cock in her hands, inspecting the dots I saw. Just before I was able to start enjoying her touch, she snapped me out of my daze.

“These are bruises,” she said.


“These are tiny bruises! It must be from pressing up against the cage so often. You’re putting a lot of pressure on it, and you’re getting little tiny bleeds under your skin. Your poor cock!”

NOW she feels bad for my cock. Not after watching it struggle for freedom in the cage. Not after watching it drip copius amounts of precum after a particularly devious tease session. It takes cock bruising to draw sympathy from My Lady.

(Just kidding!! She is very loving, but she is also very strong in carrying out her wishes and doesn’t fall victim to feelings of pity)

So, yeah… my cock was reacting so strongly to being teased by ML while I was caged that I ended up hurting myself. The good news was that it wasn’t painful or anything. But just to be safe, ML imposed a 24 hour ban on teasing me while the cage was on. Silly me, I got excited thinking that I’d get some unlocked time… “I didn’t say no cage, I just said no teasing while the cage was on,” she replied. Figures.

Tonight before work, her appetite for teasing kicked in – I got my unlocked time, but with a healthy dose of sexual torment along with it. She teased my cock with a long, slow, sensuous blowjob; she even managed to bring me to the edge and hold me there for a few seconds using only her mouth… when the fuck did she learn to do that? And the good news was that, when it was time to lock me back up again, there was no sign of bruising or any lasting damage whatsoever. Now she can go back to teasing me whenever she wants, and I can go back to becoming more and more desperate for an orgasm as each day passes.

So basically, things are back to normal. 😉

Since I was home Monday night, ML and I decided to watch a movie and have a few drinks together. In the past, alcohol has not agreed with ML’s chastity and denial plans very well. This time, things were slightly different.

My Lady had been talking for a while about how much she truly misses my cock. After nearly three weeks of being caged every moment of the day, she was beginning to long for my hardness inside her. She stayed strong for so long, but the alcohol whittled her willpower down just enough to want me out of the cage for just one night.

She made it clear to me that she wanted me inside her, but I was not allowed to cum. Fine by me! After being held back by the cage for so long, I was willing to take whatever I could get. She unlocked me and pulled the cage off of my shaft, and I immediately let out a long, slow moan. It felt so damn good to be free of the steel. But that was only the beginning.

ML wasted no time in pulling me up on top of her. She spread her legs wide and showed me her sopping wet pussy. I was ready in no time. I slid my throbbing cock into her tight pussy; it felt AMAZING. I really did miss feeling her soft wetness wrapped around my shaft. I thrusted into her a few times, but my orgasm was quickly approaching; the drinking had a minimal effect on my staying power, unfortunately. ML began to rub her clit in order to cum on my cock, and I did my best to thrust into her as much as I could. It wasn’t long before I felt the walls of her pussy squeezing my cock as she came hard. I looked into her eyes as her orgasm continued, and I couldn’t handle it anymore. I quickly pulled out, trying to avoid cumming on accident. I only half-succeeded – cum dripped from the tip of my cock as my orgasm was ruined all over the blanket beneath us.

ML laughed and pulled me on top of her once again; she wanted more. And this time, with my orgasm ruined, I was able to handle a little bit more. This time, I thrusted into her slowly and deeply, looking deep into her passionate eyes as I made love to her. Her body began to convulse as she came hard once again, and all of a sudden I realized that I was nearly there, too! Once again, I pulled out as quick as I could, and once again cum dripped out of my cock – my second ruined o of the night!

ML still was not finished with me – she wanted my cock in her ass. She turned over on to her stomach and ordered me to fuck her tight asshole. Being the good sub that I am, of course I obeyed. My cock slid easily into her ass, lubed by the slick juices of her horny pussy. My Lady grunted deeply each time I finished one of my long, slow strokes. Then I leaned down and pushed my cock deep into her ass, and she growled with animalistic heat. I felt her moving so she could sneak a hand underneath her body, and she began rubbing her clit furiously. I held still in her ass, hoping her orgasm wouldn’t cause me to ruin a third orgasm. Luckily, I was still in good shape when I felt her body tense up and her asshole grip my cock as her orgasm hit. She moaned loudly and bucked her ass back against me, taking my cock even further inside her. I love playing a part in those super strong cums that ML has. It makes me feel so good that I can do that for her.

ML was finally satisfied with the thorough fucking she receieved. We went to bed shortly after, and I was allowed to sleep uncaged, snuggling up to her naked backside.

In the morning, we discovered an interesting development – I was feeling some skin soreness on the shaft of my cock. ML and I took a look and found the source of the pain – there was a small spot of irritation on the shaft of my cock, and it kind of looked like the way skin cracks when it gets really dry. We believe this is happened because my skin lost some of it’s stretchiness during the extended 24/7 lockup, and when I got hard after being unlocked the skin to stretch too much too fast, which caused the “injury.” Thankfully, it was only slightly uncomfortable, and only when touched. It didn’t prevent me from wearing the cage, which ML demanded shortly after I woke up.

ML plans to keep me locked for the entire month of July with no release time – “plan” being the operative word. Seriously, though, I think she means it this time. The irritation was a little red this morning, but there were no signs of infection or anything like that. I’m going to keep an eye on it. I’ve also decided to use some skin lotion on my entire cock and balls (instead of just using it for lubrication around the ring, as I had been doing). Hopefully this will keep the skin cracking issue from happening again when my next release date comes along.