Just another fantasy story that I thought deserved to be shared on the blog! 🙂

So Long on the Edge of Orgasm
by: CagedMonkey

I’ve never been more sexually tortured in my entire life.

For the past God-knows-how-long…. hours?… I’ve been locked on all fours in the stockade while the fucking machine s l o w l y stroked my cock, driving me crazy and keeping me on edge but not quite giving me enough stimulation to cum. My body trembles as my hips try in vain to thrust forward to get the stimulation I need, but the waist pad holds me snugly in place. I can’t move my hips an inch forward, or even backward to escape the constant stimulation. At this moment, I’m not even sure if I want the machine to make me cum or just stop stroking me and stop the torture. The one thing that is certain is I won’t get either option.

I’ve been here for so long on the edge of orgasm, and the tension has tired me so much that I’m nearly falling asleep from fatigue. Only the machine won’t let me rest, the torment doesn’t stop. Every time my brain tried to turn off, it snaps back to its incredible need for release.

Suddenly, I’m jolted fully awake by the sound of the collar of the stockade being unlocked. I know what this means, you’ve done this before. Some of the times you’ve woken up to apply lube to the fleshlight, you simply masturbate yourself to sleep. I’m forced to listen to your moans of pleasure, unable to see you because the collar prevents me from turning my head or looking up at the bed. Those times you leave me locked where I am, barely speaking to me as you make it possible to continue my ordeal.

This time, I know you want more. Unlocking the collar means you want me to move my head. You stand in front of me, holding your pussy in front of my face. I need no further instructions. I begin licking you, tasting your dripping wet pussy as you rub it all over my face. You grab my head and pull me into your pussy further, grinding your hips against me. Then I feel something different, something that hasn’t happened during the other times you’ve used my face to get off.

The machine has begun moving faster.

I moan loudly into your pussy, gasping between licks as the machine strokes me faster. I want to push against the machine, thrusting harder as it drains the cum from my tortured body. My breath quickens as I realize the machine is going to make me….

… the machine stops, just moments before I cum.

I groan in frustration, vibrating your horny pussy and triggering a deep orgasm in you. Your hips grind against my face as I sob into your pussy, wishing that you would end this horrible/incredible experience, one way or another. But I feel you applying the lube once again, and the machine begins stroking me once again, even slower than before. You kiss me on the cheek as you lock the collar shut once again.

“Enjoy,” you whisper before you climb up on the bed and leave me on the floor again. Soon, I hear your soft moans as the bed begins to squeak; I moan and sob quietly as you rub yourself to sleep once again, leaving me only to endure until you decide I’ve had enough…

Since giving my girlie sub,Lizzy the task of looking up predicament bondage she’s started to fantasize about it. One of my subs requirements is to share their fantasies with me. This is one that got me extremely hot, including the aftercare, so, I had to share it here!

Here is her story: Deep Breaths

Deep breaths, I tell myself, deep steady breaths. My legs are tied together, rotated so the tops of my feet are touching. I hold them in the air, unaided, barely keeping them up high enough so the strings attached to my ankles don’t pull on the nipple clamps they’re attached to. My core burns, pulling pathetic whimpers from my throat. I am thankful for the bar I can rest my legs on, just low enough to painfully pull on my nipples but high enough so if my legs give out, I don’t seriously hurt myself. I decide to lower my legs. With a loud groan and a high pitched squeal, I rest my core but stretch my nipples a good inch or two. My chest heaves with my breath as I try to adjust.

My arms begin to shake above my head. They’re tied together and connected to a counter weight, so if I lower them the dildo right above my mouth will lower into the O-ring holding my mouth open and choke me. A small sob escapes me as the dildo falls with my arms. My muscles may get a break, but I don’t.

“You’ve gotten a lot stronger since we started doing this,” My Lady remarks conversationally from her chair next to me. The only response I can give is a strained, choked, muffled wail. She laughs lightly as she rises. “You know, you’ve done so well today, keeping yourself taut for so long, I think you deserve a reward.”

She moves behind my legs where trying to look at her is a horrid strain on my eyes. I just stare at the ceiling instead, waiting. “You’ll only get your reward if you keep your legs and arms up though,” the condition is delivered in her happy singsong voice. I try to say, “Yes Ma’am,” but what comes out is more of a guttural noise than anything else. Obediently, I lift my legs and arms back up despite my screaming muscles. That’s when I hear the sound of the Hitachi. I am more motivated to keep myself taught than ever in this moment. It has been a month since my last orgasm and I will do almost anything to earn one.

When the vibrator touches me I can’t stop the screams and pleads flying from my throat, scrambled and turned into senseless noise by the gag. My legs fall for a moment, pulling my nipples suddenly and causing the vibrator to be removed. Almost sobbing, I pull my legs back into the air, praying for the strength to keep them aloft. The vibrator returns, only this time with a sleeve. The attachment slips into my vagina and presses against my g-spot and clit. Bucking and thrashing, I struggle to keep my limbs up. I want this so bad. I NEED this! I scream in my head.

Somehow, despite myself, despite the burning pain in my body, I last. Somehow, I make it to screaming orgasm. Lights flash behind my eyes and I feel liquid gushing from me. The vibrator remains on and in me for a minute after I am finished, My Lady chuckling as I twitch around it and fall limp. I feel like my limbs are made of lead and I’m flying far away from my body. All too soon, the climb to orgasm begins again, forcing me to lift my legs for better access and pleasure. Right before I hit another, the vibrator is taken away. “Don’t get greedy now sweet little thing,” I swear I can hear her smile in her words. Without stimulation, I fall limp again, feeling like a rag doll. As I faintly feel fingers untying the ropes around my ankles, I close my eyes and allow myself to rest.

The pain of removing the clamps brings me back to myself with a short shout and fast whimpers. The dildo already gone, my arms untied, my legs resting on the floor, the only thing left was the gag. It left my mouth with trails of saliva clinging to it. My head is pulled into My Lady’s lap and I instinctually move to please her. Confusion muddied my cloudy mind as she told me no and moved my face away to rest on her thigh. Have I done something wrong? I speculate as I turn to look up at her. I love to please her, to make her cum. I couldn’t fathom why she’d stop me.
“You are much too tired. Rest sweet girl, you can thank me later,” she softly explains, stroking my hair. I nod weakly, my head barely moving. We sit there for a while, silent. With a kiss to my forehead, she pulls a pillow under my head as she rises. The way she looked there, the light behind her head like a halo, she looked like a Goddess. “Be right back,” reassures the Goddess above me. Smiling, I give another incremental nod and close my eyes, slipping into sleep.

She returns with water and chocolate. “Do you want some water?” she asks, sitting next to me again. I open my mouth and give a soft “Ahh,” prompting a giggle from her. A straw is placed on my lips and I drink my fill. Water runs in the background. I perk up slightly, glancing between My Lady and the doorway. “I thought after all that you could use a bath,” she explains, rubbing my side and back gently, “A nice warm bath sound okay?” I smile dopily at her. I am loved, warm, and safe and cared for.

I can’t wait to repay her.

Thank you my sweet Lizzy girl for the amazing story and for being such a good girl sharing it with me and ultimately our readers. 🙂

Author: Cagedmonkey

It’s three days past “Maybe Day” and I’m jumping through my skin. I’ve suffered through 5 solid weeks of either being locked up in the steel cage or enduring hours of tease and denial by Your hand. I have been forced to satisfy You in many different ways – my tongue, fingers, using Strap on on You until You are completely spent, for example. The one way I have not been allowed to please You is with your cock I have not been allowed to enter You for the entire five weeks of chastity this time around. You have been hinting that You are seriously looking forward to Maybe Day, perhaps even more than I am.
I am tied spread eagle to the bed, unable to move my body more than an inch or two away from You. You started off teasing me slowly, torturing me by making me wait even longer for my reward. Then You began to seriously put your cock through its paces, causing me to writhe around the bed and beg You for mercy. I am exhausted and nearly out of breath. My attention snaps back to You, however, as You straddle my hips and bring the head of my cock to Your wet pussy.
You make me wait even for this, sliding the head up and down Your pussy lips as I moan in utter frustration. You slowly slide your cock inside, and I can’t hold back a gasp as your cock is surrounded by Your warm, soft wetness. I want to thrust up into You, but I am held down by Your weight on my hips. Your pussy pulses and squeezes around me; I shudder as even that smallest amount of sensation begins to bring me closer to orgasm.
The pulsing of Your pussy stops as you reach to the side of the bed and grab you phone. “Oh baby, I almost forgot,” You casually remark, “I got an email from Adam a few days ago. He wanted you to read this, but you seem to be a little ‘tied up’ at the moment, so I figured I would read it to you.”
You then start to read the email from Adam. He writes how He loved the pics of Your beautiful tits, and how sexy You sounded as You moaned as I fucked You with the strap on and You came over and over. He got so horny that He fucked His wife in much the same way, making her moan and feeling her pussy flutter around His cock. He says I should know that it felt amazing to fuck a wet horny pussy nice and hard like that, and it’s too bad that I could only use a plastic cock on You while your cock thobbed away, locked away and lonely, unable to feel anything. He fucked her good; He ended up pulling out, stroking His cock hard and fast, and shooting a huge load of cum all over her stomach.
“I bet you’d like to jerk that cock and cum nice and hard all over me like that, huh?” You ask me. I nod, unable to speak. “Yeah, I know you would. I bet it would be a huge load, too. Over five weeks worth of cum backed up in those balls… it would probably be a lot more cum than this, you think?”
You turn the phone around and show me a photo of Adam’s cock, His hand wrapped around the shaft, and puddles of cum on what I assume is his wife’s stomach. He sent you a pic of His cum, prompted by the pics and videos I sent him for the explicit reason of getting off to. And now you are showing me the result as you hold you cock firmly in place inside your pussy.
I instictively thrust upward at You, but You hold me down.
“Nuh uh,” You say. “You be a good boy now. Looks like Adam enjoyed the presents you sent him! You owe him a thank you. I think a nice thank you gift would be to allow him to take your next orgasm from you on your next Maybe Day, five weeks from now…. he gets to cum, you don’t. What do you think?”
I’m speechless, unable to even think at the moment.
“Yes, that sounds just wonderful. When you write him a thank you email, you will tell him about the arrangement and how you won’t be cumming for just about 4 months because he is enjoying your presents so much.” You then begin to rise up off of my cock.
I begin to panic… what the??? Why are you not making me cum?
Then my brain does the math….
Five weeks from now, Adam will get to cum instead of me. I will have to wait five weeks after that, a total of ten, until I get to cum. But it has been five weeks already…
“Ah yes, my boy. You are realizing it now, yes? Adam took your orgasm this time around, too. He got to pump his cum nice and good, stealing your chance to empty those balls deep into my pussy… and you didn’t even know it! That must be so frustrating!”
Tears are beginning to well in my eyes as your cock begins to throb desperately, looking for any type of sensation in order to cum.
“Poor baby. I know this is hard for you, but it’s turning me on so much. In fact, I have to go get myself off, now! Hey look…. now just about EVERYBODY is getting to cum except for you!” You lean over and kiss my cheek as I let out a soft sob. “I’m going to head downstairs. I hope you can get yourself soft by the time I come back upstairs so I can lock you back up again.”
You walk to the door, turning back just before You turn out the light.
“I’ll try to keep it down so you don’t get too frutstrated up here,” You say with a wink.
You turn the lights off as I am left to deal with my ever increasing frustration. I eventually drift off to sleep to the sounds of Your moans as you cum for the third (or possibly fourth?) time….