Ass Play

Cagedmonkey has had a few very rough days. I mean he is still denied even after all the goings on the weekend our friends were here. Added to that, he’s been told he’s going to be locked and denied even an erection, until Christmas! Add on top of that things like the other night when I tried out a new toy on his sexy little tight asshole.

Just about every night, now, I have him eat my pussy. Just like he used to go to sleep in the mornings tasting me and having my juices all over his face. It’s become a nightly thing before we go to sleep. Even if I don’t cum, I love feeling his face between my legs and his tongue gently flicking my clit. Even more recently, I’ve loved the 69 position so that I can add some to his tease and torture. I will usually play with his bulging cock through the cage, squeeze and rub his balls and run my fingernails from his ass down to the underside of his balls. Sometimes he even gets a little tickle of his tight hole when I put my finger against it and just rub a little, not penetrating, just rubbing it, teasing him more. Making him completely ache.

A couple weeks ago I ordered a new toy and we haven’t had a chance to play with it yet. I decided I wanted to try it out the other night since I had his sexy little ass in the air and he was eating my pussy, anyway. It’s a smaller probe with “bumps” along it that remind me very much of anal beads. I’m not really a fan of the whole anal bead thing but I get the whole idea of it. I figured it would be a fun one to play with without much prep needed. Just a little lube and this one easily slides in for some fun ass play.

So the other night while I had him in the 69 position, him on top, I started playing with him a bit, which was causing him to moan and grunt and groan into my pussy. That gets me so completely and utterly turned on that at some point I couldn’t take it anymore and I made him lay on his back and I straddled his face. Running my pussy down onto him hard and fast. I grabbed him by the thighs, toy still stuffed in his ass, and pulled his legs up under my arms. I had him pinned there, face in my pussy and me using the toy to stimulate his asshole and prostate. At one point he tried to buck against me as I licked the length of his shaft, bulging from the steel cage on his cock. I slid my pussy hard all over his face, sliding the toy in and out and making him moan harder as I chose when he’d take a breath. Making him breathe me in, fucking his face so hard and cumming all over him while he could do nothing but take it as I had him there pinned down under me.

Fuck it was such a fantastic time, I couldn’t… No, I can’t stop thinking about it! It turns me on every time I think about the control I had over him and how turned on I was by his moaning.

Makes me want a repeat tonight… But we will have to wait for mother nature to run her course.

Yesterday, Cagedmonkey and I were chatting while he was at work and, of course, I was teasing him and getting him all kinds of excited and turned on. One of the things I love most is teasing him with pics and video while he is not with me – usually that means he’s at work – and getting him all tight in his cage. It’s such an incredible turn on for me to know that even being 40 miles apart I can still make his dick (attempt to be) hard and get him horny for me.

Yesterday was lots of fun as I sent him some hot pics and video of me all soapy in the shower. He really loved it. Just to share a little of what I sent him, I was sending him pictures like this, today:
And this…
Not only was I sending him pictures but we started talking about the things we were wanting. A little bit of fantasizing together, which is something I absolutely love about our communication. We both know it’s not our responsibility to force things to make fantasies happen but the fact that we talk about sex with each other gives us the opportunity to make those fantasies real if we want!

If you’ve followed along on our journey you we have the doggy style Stockade and recently got a new hood. Well, CM and I started talking about how much we miss the extreme side of bondage and having the time (and space!) to do it. I mentioned to him that I was wearing his pants yesterday without panties. I told him I was sure that they were going to smell like my pussy and how I was going to make him wear them when he got home, which I did. πŸ™‚ That kinda kicked things into gear and we started talking about how wet my panties get and how hot it would be if I was to gag him with my potent panties and lock him in the new hood. To make things worse I could have him locked in the stockade, with the vibrating buttplug in, leaving it until his prostate milked all over the floor. We talked about how incredibly frustrating it would be if I were to remove the hood (while he thinks I’m giving him a break) and I cover his face with more of my juices by cumming on him and then putting the hood right back on and leaving him like that longer. Not knowing when it would truly end because I’d just tell him I didn’t think he’d been milked enough. Maybe he wasn’t empty so we had to keep going until I felt like he was done. We talked about adding white noise headphones to completely take away his senses… Except the ones being forced to smell and taste my pussy.

Shortly after, he told me about how he was getting tight in his cage and sent me a picture to prove it. Of course all the squeezing from the cage and the horny talk gave him some nice wet with precum underwear! Yuuummmmmmy!
I really do love seeing that bulge and knowing that I’m the one that caused it. I really do get off on being a cocktease! πŸ™‚

I woke up this morning with a sore pussy for the second day in a row. Two nights ago I had cagedmonkey take off his Jail Bird before bed and we had some pretty incredible sex. I came so hard on his cock which was so big and thick and aching to cum itself. My muscles were sore from clenching down on him and he stretched my tight pussy as he slammed deep inside me. I am actually pretty amazed at how much he could give me that night without pushing himself over the edge.

Last night I was just in a mood to cum but then after cumming once I just needed to a few more times. I wasn’t letting him out of the cage though. I wanted him to feel the cage as he attempted to get hard. I wanted him to know who controlled him and controlled if he was even able to get an erection or feel my pussy wrapped around his shaft, swallowing it up. Instead, I insisted that he eat my pussy and make me cum like the good boy he is. I just love having him locked and in the 69 position, caged cock and balls dangling there for me to play with. He makes the most beautiful noises when I scratch my nails from his ass down to his aching, swollen balls. I love how the moans feel as his face is buried in my wetness.

Since I wouldn’t unlock him to feel my pussy, and he wouldn’t be getting any penis play, I started to rub his asshole as he slurped up the juices dripping from wet pussy. He moaned louder into me as I teased him. His moaning makes me even wetter so, of course, I wanted to hear more. I gently (at first) slid one finger into his tight hole. It certainly didn’t stay that way long, his ass loves to get a little slutty for me sometimes. As I fingered his ass faster and harder, I was adding fingers to stretch him and make him moan more and more as he sucked my clit. I came so close to cumming a few times and grabbed the back of his head, shoving his face deeper and grinding against him until I came good and hard on his face.

I love to hear him breathing heavy, whimpering and moaning and his face covered in my pussy juices. Of course I made him sleep that way, in my gooey sticky mess.

Cagedmonkey and I haven’t had much time to connect these days, since we moved. It’s been a mad dash, it seems, to get things unpacked, replace things that broke, get kids going in school and then sports and dance started – 4 nights a week! It’s tiring being a parent these days haha. I’m so glad my kids have joined things in our new town. They are settling in and meeting people and seem to be enjoying themselves. It’s a relief actually because they were so nervous. Hearing them say how great school was and how much they love this or that is really just awesome. Like I said though, it’s left little time for us parents to get much play time.

This past weekend my mother decided she needed to come in from out of town to help us finish unpacking and to apparently rearrange my whole house because her OCD and my OCD are different – at least I’ve learned that I can’t force other people to organize the way I do – she thinks her way is the only way. She finally left Tuesday and we’ve been trying to find the silverware ever since! Lol needless to say that, too, put a hold on any play time we may have wanted to have.

We did have some really great sex the first week or so we were here but it’s about time cagedmonkey was locked back up for a good amount of time. He had his fun being in and out of the cage lots, got some extra orgasms that weren’t exactly planned – even if some were ruined. For a bit we couldn’t find the original JB and he was wearing the new one but he swears it’s just not as comfortable as the original. I did dig through some boxes though and found the original JB. He’s been back in the for the past few days.

As I mentioned the connection had been lacking a bit between cagedmonkey and I, so in, what I assume was an attempt at getting that connection back, hubby got very romantic the other night. We went to bed and he started kissing me all over, running his hands over my skin, purposefully avoiding the the usual places. I love when he does that because it makes me feel like he loves every part of me and not just the sex organs! I get so incredibly tingly and turned on when he’s being lovey and romantic and sexual in the not so normal ways. I think that turns me on more than anything – well maybe not those times when I’m using him as my bitch – but more than just the regular kissing and groping.

I turned over on my belly giving him full access to my back and butt. He started kissing my shoulders – uhhhhhh that feels so good! He kissed down my back to my butt, massaging it as he kissed each cheek. I felt my back arch as I pushed my big round ass toward him. Making it quite obvious I wanted more. He gently spread my ass and licked a nice long lick up my crack. I pushed back toward him more. He slowly slid his warm firm tongue in my tight asshole. I let out as much of a grunty, throaty, moan as I could. I didn’t want to alarm the neighbors or wake the kids. We still aren’t sure what can be heard from where in the house. He continued tongue fucking my ass and licking me up and down and making out with my asshole. Showing me just how much he wants to please me. I told him he was a dirty boy for me. I told him how I loved how he was so dirty and slutty for me and did whatever I wanted him to. I reached back and spread my ass cheeks wide for him, giving his hands freedom to use on my pussy while he was tonguing my ass. He finger fucked my pussy good and hard while pounding his face into my juicy ass and made me cum so fucking hard. Once wasn’t enough though so I spread myself even more open, lifted myself to my knees and pushed back into his face harder. I made him work his tongue hard and fast in my asshole and his fingers in my pussy while I rubbed my clit and came super hard a second time.

It was one of the best nights of sex we’ve had in a long time and it didn’t even involve the penis that was locked in it’s steel cage for me. I felt so loved, so sexy, so satisfied. I felt like we had a long night of rough PIV sex. I was spent after such an awesome night. I love how our sex doesn’t have to just be a penis in a vagina.

A little tease and torture fun with the wand this morning. Cagedmonkey was trying to sleep but I decided I needed some good old fashioned playtime haha. I went in and set my wand between his legs, under his balls so that it was vibrating his base ring and getting a bit of his prostate. I lubed up the small nJoy butt plug and worked it in his tight little ass.


I continued to use the wand all around his balls, ass and all the parts in between. I loved seeing his ass clench and wiggle and hearing him moaning. I just love watching and hearing him react to my touch.

After that I left him there, plugged to try to get to sleep. A little while later I went in to change into my bathing suit and decided to rub my wet horny pussy on his face. He was left again to sleep, plugged and covered in my juices.

As you all know, we have two kids, so we have to get creative with the time we have to spend being kinky. We don’t get much alone time together at all so it’s important to mix it in here or there when we can. A lot of our kinky happens behind the scenes so we don’t alert the kids to daddy’s chastity device or our dirty, kinky playtime.

Cagedmonkey has worked 6 nights this week and we haven’t had a whole lot of time to connect. I’ve used him in the mornings, when tucking him in, for some pretty fantastic orgasms but no real tease and denial time. This evening I decided to have him get in the shower and use that time to give him some tasks and make him take pictures and video for more while completing them. Oh the joys of him having a waterproof phone!

His first task was to uncage and shave that big ol’ cock of mine and then it was time to frustrate the hell out of him. He was then instructed to stroke his cock nice and hard for me.
I made sure he washed up really good and told him he needed to make sure his ass was also cleaned really good just in case I got in the mood to use it.
After he was nice and clean I told him to stand there enjoying his shower while he stroked and edged for me… 7 times. That wasn’t all he had to do! That would be about the time I popped in the bathroom and handed him the Aneros and told him I wanted him to get his asshole good and primed for me. I made sure to tell him to not get carried away with the self ass play but to make sure he was prepared in case I got the urge to peg him.
He alternated between edging and working the Aneros in and out of his ass being sure to send me video too. As he got to the last few edges I told him to edge while he was plugged with the Aneros. I wanted him to feel his ass clench around the smooth plastic as he got closer to cumming.

It really was an incredible amount of fun to tease him, deny him and frustrate him. Once out of the shower cagedmonkey was instructed to lock his cock back up for me in his Jail Bird. I love when we are able to find little ways, like this, to work kink into our everyday lives. It doesn’t take much to keep it fresh, sometimes wee just need to get a little creative about it.