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  1. I would be willing to install a chip in my penis for the purpose of logging for my wife. If this chip lets her know what I get a hard-on, orgasm, urinate, masturbate and even when I’m just edging. I like this kind of control.So if there was a device that actually existed I would definitely do that. Since we are on the brain storming side of things, I think it should come with GPS and a mobile app 😉

    • Thanks for the reply!
      This fake article mentions that… It doesn’t say anything about the gps, but it said the chip would send a notification top your phone… I seriously can’t even imagine but it could make things interesting.

  2. i feel that i would still like the cage but i agree with above poster to include GPS and mobile app . now for me the ultimate would be if the chip could actually control the ability to orgasm !!!
    i would still wear the cage .

    • Interesting thought… That gives a whole new meaning to orgasm control, huh? Like I can make you cum any time I want, literally.

  3. Personally, I like the cage – it has a certain “physical control” element that just having a microchip (or whatever) wouldn’t have. I know there are guys who practice chastity without a device, but I actually enjoy wearing mine. It’s almost like ML is holding my cock all day long. 🙂

    • Eeeeeee! I totally would hold your cock all day I’d I could! I LOVE THAT THING! It’s the best cock ever! I’m so fucking horny today! Haha

      Anyway, I kinda knew you’d say that! I’m glad you enjoy the cage as much as me because it’s not going anywhere lol 🙂

    • I can completely relate to this: the feeling of being held is one of the things I love most about being caged – like a constant physical reminder that my cock is owned by my Better Half.

  4. Hi Lady M (and CM)
    I actually think this would be kinda cool. As you know I don’t wear a cage, and my brief experience with one was of the ‘how the fuck does anyone cope with this for more than five minutes’ kind.. but I would genuinely like for my Mistress to have the control that a cage brings. Maybe it wouldn’t be a good substitute for someone who is used to a cage, since it wouldn’t provide that physical ‘barrier’, but on the other hand there must be a lot of guys like me who like the lifestyle but can’t take to the cage.
    Robert Anthony

  5. Monitoring would be somewhat better than what is possible today. But for me, the ultimate would be as puppyboy said, that it could control things. So my fantasy would be that it could be interactive with my nerves so that it could control my stage of hardness, my ability to orgasm, could force me to orgasm, perhaps could control my bladder sphincter as well so that I would not have control over peeing if she didn’t want me to.

    She would have a remote (or an app on her phone) that would alert her if I was aroused, on the verge of climax, but also would allow her to make me soft, hard, in semi hard and I would stay that way. She would control whether I climaxed or could not climax, etc.

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