3 comments on “Body Worship

  1. What a lovely post. I like to call this “romantic kink” or “romkink” for short. A nice reminder that kink and romance are often quite compatible.

  2. Hey Guys.

    I just saw your last two posts.It sure has been a tough couple of days between your daughter and Lady M. I hope everyone is doing better.

    Being a pharmacist if you have any questions on your infusions or anything else just let me know.

    Hang in there guys


    • Thanks Stan!
      It’s been 7 years since I’ve been getting infusions, the doctor was trying to use an iron that was infused in a much shorter set (2wks vs 12wks) but I’ve never had that kind so now he’s trying to get my regular stuff back. He mentioned another one but I’m hoping we don’t try something else lol

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