5 comments on “Back to Basics – Tease & Orgasm Denial

  1. He was tired?? I can’t imagine why! Good God! A half hour of teasing/edging by my sweet bride, and I’m exhausted. It’s hard on a guy… and his hard-on (sorry ’bout the pun)

  2. The reason I wrote this post as “Back to Basics” is because I’ve been so focused on new stuff and trying this, that and the other thing that I was forgetting the best and my favorite part of all this. Teasing the shit out of cagedmonkey and denying him orgasm is what really gets me going.

    I was so focused on the Domme side of things and not being a boring Keyholder that I was missing that the simple things are the best things. So take a step back, relax and tease! šŸ™‚

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