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  1. Very good. He-he-he!

    I am a man and have gone up to three months without cumming. Though I have, during those three months, fucked my wife and masturbated — but without orgasming during this time (90 days) and these, um, ‘activities’ (fucking, masturbating).

    I am not caged, by the way. I too feel the it is more pleasurable to feel horny, hopelessly horny, than to give in to the rather quick and fleeting pleasures of an actual orgasm. The pleasure of an orgasm lasts, what?, 10 seconds at the most. While the pleasure of being horny is a constant, unending pleasure. Nay, it is more than just a pleasure: it is a mixture of pleasure and pain, a mixture of release and frustration — and that mixture is pure INTENSITY.

    Now there’s the word: intensity. That is what I seek. Intensity is far more pleasurable than pleasure, far more frustrating than frustration.

    So… I would not give up chastity or denial for anything in the world. If I could, I would never again ejaculate in the whole of my life.

    But alas accidents do happen. And that is really the only time that I will have an orgasm: by accident. Sometimes, I will have thrust just a little too vigorously while inside my wife. At other times, it is my wife who, while giving me a hand job, will, by mistake, stroke me just beyond the edge.

    These accidental orgasm, I will even try to ruin them — by stopping all movement and thus all friction.

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