12 comments on “Are We Crazy?

  1. No, you’re not crazy. You’re brave and very kinky and you are taking a fantasy and seeing if you can actually make it real. It’s not like you’re doing something in which you can be physically harmed or do permanent damage. The truth, of course, is that if you find it actually is too much for you, you can always opt out. But from what I know from reading your blog, neither of you will do that lightly. You are going to see this through. You are going to be extremely frustrated. You are going to be used.

    If I had the same opportunity, I would jump at the chance. And then my heart would be pounding.

    May you have a wonderful, chaste, and frustrating New Year.

  2. I can’t really answer if you’re crazy or not (because I for myself and my wife neither aren’t into orgasm control). But it will be interesting to follow your way through the upcoming year!

  3. Have you checked with a doctor about whether it’s safe to withhold orgasm that long? Just wondering…I’ve just seen opinions on both sides. Yes, you’re a little crazy…but, in a good way! Good luck!

    • Funny story about that actually… We actually did visit a urologist before I started wearing a device to make sure there were no health risks… That’s a story for a post on its own!

      As far as orgasms go, we’ve posted about this before – if you scroll through the “Advice” category, you should be able to find a few from the past that we’ve written. Bottom line – a) there’s no definitive risk to long term ejaculation denial, and b) denying me orgasms doesn’t necessarily mean not draining me of cum periodically…. milkings and ruined orgasms are always on the table. 🙂

  4. I’m already looking forward to that blog post in December!

    “It was finally time to unlock, but then ML asked me if I would like another year. I said, “yes” without even thinking about it.”

    Let the games begin!

  5. Hi Monkey
    What’s the worst that can happen. Apart from you going insane, obviously. 🙂 And think of all those lovely ruined orgasms you’ll probably have… because let’s face it, eventually you’ll be having them whether you like it or not! Good luck and Happy New Year
    Robert Anthony

  6. Ofcourse you are not crazy!!

    I am very curious thought what it means for your short term submissiveness towards ML now you know there will be no short term reward via an orgasm.

    Good luck and a Happy New Year 🙂

  7. I stumbled across your blog recently and the way you two use chastity is so hot, and has really informed my own interest. I have only gone 6 weeks without an orgasm so the idea of going for a year excites me and terrifies me in equal measure. I am really looking forward to reading your ongoing story and descriptions of what this experience is like.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Jasmic! We love knowing that we are helping our readers and informing them, as well as entertaining them.

      Trust me when I say that I share the feelings of excitement & terror at the thought of what is ahead of me!

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