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  1. I am enjoying your blog so much that I am going right back to the beginning and reading the lot. I am so glad that you continue to do this and update your experiences, that you are still looking for new ways to improve and develop your use of chastity. It has been over two years now since you started writing, and from what I can tell you didn’t start the blog as soon as you started the chastity.

    I particularly like the fact that both of you write about your thoughts and experiences. The chastity forums are over run by horny locked up males, but the females are fewer and generally quieter, with some exceptions. I am going to introduce your blog to my Wife, just as soon as I have finished paying my forfeit for losing a bet, which means I have another week before I can mention anything at all about chastity.

    • Wow, so glad you are enjoying the blog. We love sharing and love that you are reading. Hopefully you find some help, support and information here to help you on your journey! 🙂

      • Thank you Lady M, I am enjoying it, and the more I read the more I am enjoying it. I just wish it was easier to read it in the order it was written!

        As I write this you have been blogging about chastity for just over two years. My Wife and I have been using chastity for just over three months. We have only been doing it ‘properly’ since mid November, so we are still finding out what it actually means to us. We both know this is what we want though, if it is up to me for good.

        In one way I am unfortunate that in our relationship I am the one that researches the crap out of everything where my Wife likes to go slow and steady. Still, that is a form of Tease and Denial all in itself.

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