8 comments on “An Early Birthday Present

  1. Haha and see I would have named this post a big ol’ titty fuck! 🙂

    I really was having quite the emotional day yesterday. I’m pretty sure I was experiencing some Dom Drop or something I want to call Domme Guilt. I really think that 80 days was just taking its toll on me and it has been for a couple weeks now. It felt so good last night to just keep going and not worry that he might cum.

    After awhile it really felt like I was just doing it because we said we wanted to go three months.

    For now we’re just going to have fun and do what feels right at the moment… Like just a bit ago when I went up, unlocked him and sucked his cock until he orgasmed in my mouth.

  2. 80 days is a long ass time. I’m really impressed. How many milkings or nocturnal emissions during this time?

    • Not many… I’d have to check the calendar we keep, but it might have been only one or two milkings during the whole time. Nocturnal emmisions are difficult for me to track because I leak precum like a faucet almost daily, so it’s hard to tell.

  3. ML is very much like me. Sometimes I call a halt early too when I’m trying to push denial. Sometimes I just miss the close intimacy of having my David inside me and how wonderful it is when he explodes in me. Records are fun but not when they start to feel forced. Happy Early Birthday to you! Sounds wonderful.

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