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    • Hi there! I guess we should put that in there, huh? Currently I have him in a Bird Cage but we are waiting on his custom Jail Bird to come from Mature Metal. It should have been mailed yesterday, according to Mistress MM.

  1. I love orgasm denial especially after a Goddess making me aroused and fully erect. By and through such denial I find myself more and more submissive as the days pass.

    Keep up your good work, Lady. You have my respect.

  2. As a former homeschooler (and a man also locked in a Jailbird), I am sure you are a stickler for correct spelling. I found an error in your intro: “Their relationship has always been mostly a Female Led Relationship (FLR/FLM). Itโ€™s just they (should be THE) way it works for them and it works well.”
    Just want you to present yourself in the best positive light. And I promise to read each of your posts when I get the time to do so later this week!

    • Haha! I keep going over and rereading them myself and editing! Let me know if you find anything else! LoL ๐Ÿ™‚

      FYI: 90% of this blog is written and/or created from my Note2 so the damn autocorrect gets me sometimes and I don’t always catch it right away.

      Thank you for pointing this out though, going to fix it now!

  3. I have a birdcage chastity device but I’ve been having trouble keeping it on securely. I find that when i get flaccid it tends to want to slip off. Am i doing something wrong? I put the ring over my cock and then try to pull my balls through the ring. Is there a better way to make it stay on more securely? Thanks for your response monkey!

    • It sounds as though your ring might be just a little bit too big. It may seem like you won’t be able to get a cage on with a smaller ring, but I believe your technique in putting the ring on is making it harder than it should be.

      ML and I have been considering posting about this along with pics of the step-by-step process , because we get this question pretty often.

      When I put my cage on, I go “balls first” through the ring. The reason for this is that my cock can squish itself into the ring much better than a testicle can. If you go “cock first,” that leaves less room for your balls to pass through. Of course, when removing the cage, you’d work backwards and go “cock out” first.

    • And going balls first makes more sense and is probably more comfortable than trying to squish my balls through the ring the way i had been doing it. Thanks again mr monkey. I think a step-by-step explanation would be very useful to your readers.

  4. My slaves โ€œoff the shelfโ€ cage did some temporary physical harm. Heโ€™s fairly well endowed and anything I look at is too short and too tight. It ended up pinching his skin enough that he scabbed over in a couple of spots. I canโ€™t seem to find anything bigger than what I already bought for him where there is enough room between the ring and the sleeve to be comfortable fully flaccid. Iโ€™m frustrated and skittish to keep buying ones (Iโ€™ve purchased two) and he is begging for one.

    • Elena,
      Thanks for your comment! I completely understand. The Curve is a larger off the shelf bigger device but, when it comes to our larger sized boys, a custom device might be just what you need. It’s better to get the right fit, rather than spending money over and over again on things that don’t fit properly. At least that’s my opinion.

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