3 comments on “A Steel Collar For a Handle and a Pleased Wife & Keyholder

  1. It sounds as if Caged Monkey has great stamina for a guy whose orgasms are restricted the way you do his… You must know how fortunate you are to get a thorough fucking without him having to pull out every few strokes.

    When CH wants my cock, I’m lucky if I can last 10 minutes at a very moderate pace, after just a few weeks of denial. Vigorous fucking would result in me having to pull ou, like NOW!. Of course, we always have some numbing gel handy…

    • Hey Harry, thanks for the comment!
      He certainly is better in the stamina department – we’ve found a good ruined O will help him last a good amount of time. However, I’ve gotten VERY good at knowing how much I can do before pushing him over the edge. I can even do this riding him!

      I am very fortunate that he can do what he can, but trust me, he’s not superman and does need to pull out every few strokes too, usually! Alcohol helps with that too haha.

    • It took quite a lot of practice and paying attention to my body to know how far I could push myself. There are still times where I get that “uh oh!” moment and need to stop immediately, but I am much better at slowing down before it becomes a problem.

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