11 comments on “A Mid-Summer Nights Dream (or When CagedMonkey Hopes He Can Orgasm Again)

  1. Speaking from my experiences being denied my my sweet bride, six months is doable. I’ve gone nine months. However, I’m an old fart who came to the conclusion that the constant arousal of T&D is better than the quick flash of delight of an orgasm. The sooner Caged Monkey gains that insight, the easier it’ll be for him… If he does, will you be happy for him, or will it upset the space-time continuum?

    • Thanks for the comment Harry, always great to hear from you!

      Haha oh I think we both agree that the high of the arousal is super mega fantastic… I think I’m the one who breaks before him wanting to feel that hot load of cum filling up my pussy 🙂 hehe

      We fully think 6 months is possible and I think it will be some fantastic fun! 🙂

  2. The thought of six months is both excruciatingly exciting and utterly terrifying (which, I suppose, is why it is so exciting).

  3. How can you resist Cagedmonkey that long? I don’t know what will I do if my wife resisted for that length of time without me having sex/orgasm. I like watching the Best premium porn sites and it sends chills in my whole body seeing her after watching some videos.

    • Thanks for your comment, Trust me it’s not easy going without him!! We are aching for each other and we have no need to watch any porn. We just create our own real life porn.

    • Thanks KP!

      We’re not going anywhere! The kinky blogosphere is stuck with us now lol 🙂 we’ve got too many kinky thoughts and fantasies not to continue on trying things and enjoying our exploration.

      It’s always great tho hear from you!

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