2 comments on “A Long Time Ago, in a D/s Relationship Far Far Away…

  1. I was thrilled to read about that “between your legs”position! My Miss fucks me that way too, occasionally (I wish it would happen more often though!). I ADORE that position, I feel like her wife and so submissive when she fucks me that way. It hits her cock in just the right way and it’s hard for me to not go over the edge when she fucks me that way (I am very rarely allowed full orgasms, so PIV orgasms are very infrequent), but I love (as you do) the struggle of not going over the edge.

    Thanks for sharing that, you’re the first blogger I’ve seen mention that position in a Femdom context 🙂

    • It actually didn’t start as a “femdom” position, it was just ML’s favorite way to fuck! 🙂 More recently, we’ve found positions that put her in a more dominant role, as if she’s the one fucking me – she’ll take my cock in her pussy, push my legs up, and thrust down onto me as if she’s fucking me… It sounds complicated, but it works! It makes me feel so submissive, having my cock fucked instead of fucking her with my cock.

      (And that doesn’t even consider the times I get fucked by her strapon!)

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