7 comments on “A Little More than a Munch – Spanking the Monkey

  1. It must be so liberating to have other people into the same type of kink that you can not only talk with but play together.
    Lovely marks on Monkey’s ass, my wife gave me a good whipping the other day and left nary a mark on my ass, a few spots of bruising on the front of my thighs.
    Be careful what you wish for, but I do wish she would give me a session like you did and really push for my limits. Did he ever ask you to stop?

    • He didn’t ask me to stop at the dungeon but earlier in the day when I was purposefully hitting him harder than even I wanted to, I wanted to see where his limit was… He didn’t want me to stop if I didn’t want to but I pushed him past his limit on purpose. 🙂

  2. Lady M, I totally love testing limits! I know that zucchini hates to use his safe word, so when it gets bad, I can really tell. He pushes through and I try not to get too carried away!

  3. OMG! This sounds like an absolutely wonderful event!

    It’s great that you are connected to people with such an awesome looking dungeon. My My!

    I love being restrained and whipped/flogged/etc. I actually need that because if I’m in the “get down on all 4s” position, and my feet are free to kick as they will when my butt is beaten good, my big toes end up bloody from hitting the floor when I’m kicking.

    Like you Lady M, my Mistress gets really turned on inflicting pain. And that just makes me want to take as much as I can for her!

    Dang – sounds like a really fun time!

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