2 comments on “A Girl of my Very Own – Cuckolding my Hubby with a Woman

  1. Oh my God, this is terribly erotic! Your denying a man and now soon maybe a woman too! While you ride mightily high on orgasms through all of this. Just the idea of this has resulted in my masturbating as I read your post — but… without coming.

    Heaven is real and it is coming soon to your house, a house already quite heavenly, but about to be even more so! 🙂

  2. This is so incredibly hot. I love the thought of your having a girl again.

    There’s no doubt that CM would want her. After all, he becomes friends with her, she’s beautiful (thanks for the pics), and he could see her in sexual situations with you. (And not just when he’s being cucked — just looking at the two of you in a room would be excruciating.)

    I know if I were CM (do you sense the envy?), I’d be looking at her and wondering what touching was allowed. I’d be watching her please you and dying that she was doing what I wanted, of course, but also wondering if she was going to cum before I was. So much tension. So many new questions. And such a profound difference between being cucked and being two subs serving you.

    A few months ago you wondered if you could keep ratcheting up the tension as this Year of Chastity wore on. I think if you found another girl you could.

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