3 comments on “A Couple New Toys

  1. I know full well that I am commenting on a prior post but this post keeps ratting in my mind. The day I first saw this post I breezed by it, reading the title glancing at the picture and moving on. No big deal. A few days later, as I remember, I came across it again, this time looking at the picture and probably scanning the text. It was not at that time but later that night that I realized what stuck in my mind. The shoulders to knee straps are not for use on her (MyLady) but instead for binding him (cagedmonkey).

    Oh me oh my!


    • See? You should never “scan” a post from My Lady, she can be quite unpredictable!

      Just kidding 😉 Glad you enjoyed the post, you’ll be sure to hear about how the new toys work out when we get to using them.

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