4 comments on “A Bad Morning Turns Into a Legit Medical Scare

  1. Jesus Christ, son!! Mine has topped 200 and I thought I was dead and went all Fred Sanford. I was put on blood pressure medicine when I was 19, but I’ve been off of it for a long time now. Hope everything gets better!!
    PS. Did they measure your prostate pressure instead?

    • I don’t think so! LOL! That’s funny, I was actually talking to ML about the possibility of having to disclose our “lifestyle” if my doctor should discover an enlarged prostate during my physical. “Yeah, I don’t think it’s prostate disease, it’s probably because it’s been months since I’ve had an orgasm…”

      Are there any kink-friendly physicians out there? 🙂

      That reminds me of when ML and I tried to be responsible adults about our kink and visited a urologist to make sure chastity was safe…. I might have to post on that someday!

  2. Wow, that is HIGH! Bit odd that you don’t even have a headache… have you ever had your blood pressure checked before? Mine is on the high side of normal, I always thought the nurses seemed disappointed, like… WTF your fat, you should have high blood pressure! 🙂
    Hope you get things under control soon, best regards Rob.

    • I had some bp issues a while ago, and was on meds for it, but it was never THIS high. After a couple of relocations and being in between doctors, I just kinda slipped off the meds. I know… BAD MONKEY!

      Good news is that the meds are helping, so there’s that.

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