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I admit, I do not have extensive experience with chastity devices. The only device I’ve ever worn besides theĀ one I am currently wearing was an “off the shelf” Birdcage. I did want to give my impressions on my newest device, a custom made Jailbird from Mature Metal. Most of my comparisons will be against the […]

One of our Tumblr followers (tumblers?) asked the following question: How do you find the Jailbird? Was it worth the money?” Rather than be all, “Go check out my Jailbird review post,” I decided to answer this a little more directly. Whether I like the device is not quite the same as whether or not […]

So I woke up today intending to write my “wearer’s review” of the new Jailbird device ML purchased for me, hoping that it would be a good reference for anyone interested in buying it from us, as well as a general review/information post. Lo and behold, today I found out that ML has already gotten […]