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My Lady and I really enjoy looking at our naughty pics and sex videos. ML gets turned on by my naked body, and I get horny as fuck when ML gets undressed. We even get turned on watching ourselves have sex in the mirror from time to time. It’s a damn sexy sight to see.

Wouldn’t you agree? 🙂


This morning I got the urge to masturbate and decided I’d take the opportunity to tease the hell out of cagedmonkey while he was at work too! It’s so much fun when I’m feeling this way. I started out sending him pictures of my pussy, simply asking him:



Then I sent him a couple others, including theses big beautiful things:


As I was taking the pictures and posing my bits in a an appetizing way, I realized I was completely turning myself on. I felt myself liking how I looked and knowing that cagedmonkey would be extremely hard in his cage from looking at the pics. I got myself more and more turned on as I set my camera to selfie and just watched myself masturbate. I felt that warmth grow in my pussy and I knew I just had to cum! I had already packed my wand… But that didn’t stop me haha I found the bin that it was in and dug it out because I’d gotten myself so freaking horny that I needed it! So I sent him another picture to let him know I was so horny I HAD to get my wand out of the bin.


I decided since I liked watching myself so much today and it was getting me so damn horny that I’d take a little video for him, so I sent him that. After I came nice and hard I sent him a good spread pussy picture showing the warm gooey wetness I wanted him to come and clean up.

I just know he’s going to have a wonderfully frustrated day today! 🙂

(First off, apologies for the lack of posting lately; it’s been very busy here at the LMnC household getting ready for the upcoming move)


It’s so interesting how chastity has changed my life.

I never thought that seeing dents in my cock would make me feel sexy, but they do. I love the look of the marks that my chastity cage leaves on me after I take it off. It reminds me that, even though I might be unlocked, My Lady still owns my cock. She still controls it, whether it’s free from confinement or underneath steel bars. The effect is still there.

It was truly fortunate that My Lady found chastity and decided to give it a try. That decision changed so many things in our lives for the better – our sex life improved, along with our emotional bonds with each other. It’s a part of our lives that we would never take away.


It kind of reminds me of my chastity tattoo. It has become one of my favorites that I have, for that reason – it symbolizes the choice I made to turn control of my sexuality over to ML. She chose the design, she chose the location, and I accepted it… and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

It’s so perfect, sometimes I think to myself: were we destined for this? Is this exactly how we were meant to be with each other? Were we fortunate, or was this situation blissfully unavoidable?

When I get thoughts like these, I can’t help but think of my “chastity scar.”


That right there, is where the base ring of my chastity cage sits. It’s very faint, but you can see the skin is raised very slightly and barely discolored. It’s not a major injury or anything, it doesn’t even hurt or cause discomfort. It’s the result of my fairly large cock struggling against the bars and ring of my chastity cage. I never really expected it to happen, but now it’s a part of me.

It’s funny how chastity has changed me – from the “in the moment” feelings, to the changes I hoped would occur, and even those changes that I never could have expected. It’s also amazing how pretty much all of these changes are for the better.


(And also, Walking Dead spoilers, but that should be obvious)

I didn’t want to write a blog post about The Walking Dead finale, mainly because it’s a major off-topic tangent for this blog. I did want to get my idea on record, however, so I would look like a genius months from now when I was proven right. So, instead of posting, I explained my theory in a series of tweets after the finale. I decided to post it here, after reasons that will become clear later. For now, I will explain my theory on who got Lucille’d.

First off, let me say that I feel the ending sequence of the TWD finale was brilliant (how they got to that point, not so much). It reminded me very much of the ending of the Sopranos: How do you film something that EVERYONE has a different idea of how it should look, so there is no good way to film it? The answer – you don’t. You let the viewer experience it. The thematic connection between TWD and the Sopranos is no accident, here.

The central theme of my theory is the concept of establishing first person view shots. The Sopranos did this in the diner scene perfectly, and TWD started this immediately with the opening shot of the episode.


This mysterious shot was later revealed to be the viewpoint from inside the van holding the characters who were captured. It would only become clear how important the use of first-person point of view would be until the very end of the episode. I propose that this view is from the same person that ended up being killed by Negan.

With this info, we can now narrow it down to four characters – Daryl, Michonne, Rosita, and Glenn.


(Note: I do not think it was a coincidence that two of the characters most-wildly rumoured to die were chosen to be put in that van, for this specific reason.)

But wait a moment… who is that we see just as the van doors are opening?


That’s Daryl’s hair seated in front of the doomed-to-die character. Since it’s impossible to see the back of your own head, that makes Daryl safe.

So, who’s sitting behind Daryl in the van?


None other than Rick’s latest love interest, Michonne (apparently, being Rick’s girlfriend has become a survival risk). You can see here that her viewpoint is exactly where it should be for the first person shot – behind Daryl, slightly above his head, leaning softly forward to center her view in the van. Michonne is also placed to Rick’s right in the execution lineup; Negan slightly motions to the left when mentioning Rick during the final scene.

The reason I decided to post this was because  I was doing a little searching for TWD finale theories, and I came across a website claiming to have a brand new theory based on “first-person” view. Brand new? That’s an interesting way of describing it. The website was also using pretty much the same screenshots I referenced in my tweets. Interesting…. I guess? The funny thing is that the website doesn’t flat out commit to Michonne being Negan’s victim. The reason for that is that they didn’t rip off the entirety of my theory. There’s more… more that just about seals it up in my mind.

During Negan’s “Eeny Meeny Miney Moe” game, he gives each character a good, menacing, up-close look at Lucille. He intimidates each person, pointing the bat in their face, leaving them to wonder if they will be the one who gets it in the end. But watch it again, and pay close attention: every character gets a shot of Lucille up in their grill EXCEPT for…


… I wouldn’t have built it up so much if it wasn’t MICHONNE. There is not ONE FRAME where Lucille is in the same shot as Michonne.

So, Negan threatens everyone but Michonne with the bat? No, that doesn’t make any sense. Besides, we get a really good look at when Negan points Lucille at Michonne:


The whole ending scene is filmed brilliantly. The main focus isn’t Negan at all, it’s Lucille. The bat almost seems to glow in Negan’s hand as he threatens each character with it, and it was a deliberate decision to avoid showing Lucille and Michonne from a third-person point of view. If that did occur, it would break the subtle connection between her first-person view and the weapon itself.

Stylistically, Michonne is the only one that makes sense. Plot-wise, Michonne’s death would have the biggest impact on the storyline (giving Rick major motivation for revenge against Negan), without risking losing a huge chunk of the TWD fan base (as killing off Daryl would do) or losing credibility with the audience (as a post-death-fakeout Glenn exit would do). It also doesn’t hurt the theory when you consider that in real life, actress Danai Gurira has a growing Broadway project, as well as a new movie to work on.

It’s now been over 3 months since cagedmonkey has been denied. I’ve had so much fun teasing him, edging him and using him for my pleasure. For the last month, maybe, I’ve gotten so much enjoyment out of edging him first thing in the morning. It used to be that it took him a bit to get going first thing in the morning and that was always the time we could have longer sex. It used to be that he couldn’t cum right away in the mornings… Well… I get him right to the edge and on the verge of a ruined orgasm almost every morning now… In a matter of a minute. Probably not even a full minute sometimes, seconds!

I seriously enjoy hearing the torment in his moans and the begging under his breath. It really turns me and I even get to the point of giggling. Sometimes I giggle so hard and even bust out laughing because I’m seriously loving how much I am controlling him. Right then in that moment, he is putty in my hands. I can make him what I want him to be. I love it so much!!!!

When I’m not using his cock and teasing and edging him, I leave him caged. That doesn’t mean I’m not teasing him at all while caged, I’m just doing it in a much different way. He usually ends up with a pretty big “rooty” after I’ve had time driving him crazy, taking his cage in my pussy and cumming all over it while he desperately wants to feel my pussy squeezing his cock and all he feels is the hard steel bars of his Jail Bird.


Look how his big cock pushes so hard against that cage, pulling it away from his body, yanking on his horny aching balls! I’m smiling right now just thinking about it!