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We have to make time these days for play and getting up at 4:30am everyday makes it tough to stay up much later at night after the kids go to bed. So, for now, we do what we can when we can. Trust me, cagedmonkey is still getting teased just about daily. We just don’t have time for big scenes and long drawn out tease and torture sessions – except, last night, I made sure he had a tough time sleeping.

Let me start with yesterday morning! Hubby started his day extremely frustrated yesterday. Every morning cagedmonkey will usually get on his knees in front of me. I love how he starts his day showing his submission like that. Most of the time I’ll make him eat my pussy but when my delicious pussy is unavailable I will make him kiss, lick and suck my big boobies. I will rub them all over his face and tease his lips. Well yesterday morning I decided I’d make his day extremely frustrating by not allowing him to have my nipples in his mouth. I made him lick and smell the underside of my boobs, I rubbed my nipples around his lips and simply teased him but would not allow him to lick or suck or even taste them.
I sent him off to work wanting me, which I love! It seriously turns me on to have him texting me all morning about how crazy horny and wanting I’ve left him. Of course, why would I just leave it at that, right? I decided since he was wanting to lick and suck my big titties that I would torture him more by sending him pictures of my licking my own nipples and even a video of me starting right into the camera while I sucked my own nipples and rubbed myself. I thoroughly enjoyed tormenting him that way.

Later in the evening the kids had dance classes and basketball. Since hubby is coaching basketball I’ve been having him unlock for the practices. We never know how much he will be running around or whatever so, for now, he’s unlocked. Having him unlocked only gives me more chances to tease him and drive him absolutely bonkers while I deny him any sort of release.

Last night, after we got home from all the activities and got the kids to bed, I teased him a little more with my boobies, without letting him have them. Then, we wanted to watch the football game so I suggested we go in the bedroom and get comfortable while we watch. We didn’t pay too much attention to the game because after a few minutes I had him bound to the bed teasing, edging and torturing his cock. I used the wand on him while I edged him over and over and over again, he was dripping and making such a huge mess. I was smiling so huge and just giggling at him as he whimpered. I continued to vibrate his balls and cock while I edge and edge and edge him, over and over until he was begging me to stop. I must have edged him about 30 times in a row while he wiggled and squirmed and tugged against the restraints. He was begging me to stop and let him go to sleep, I just kept edging him and he kept dripping, everywhere.

Once I had him good and aching and practically crying I climbed up on him, pulled my panties aside and slid his aching cock into my extremely wet pussy. I just sat there on him while I used the wand on myself while it was also pressed against him. It certainly didn’t take long to get myself to climax, especially after being so incredibly turned on from teasing him. Once I started cumming it was so strong and so hard. I pressed into him harder as the wand continued to push my orgasm higher and higher. I was clawing at him, grabbing at him, and even smacked his face while I came on his cock… Probably one of the hardest cums I’ve ever had. It was so fucking incredible! I am sure I would have woken up the neighbors had I not controlled my volume. Lord knows I wanted to scream through that orgasm!

Once I was calmed down a bit I rolled off of him and his cock was super slick and covered in my cum… Which I then made him sleep in. I did reward him with a chance at licking and sucking my big, round, squishy boobies. I know he enjoyed every second of that reward! 🙂

Yes, the teasing continued this morning but I’m going to make him write and tell you all about that. 🙂